Teacher Tranfer Rules

Teacher Tranfer Rules
Replacement rules made for teachers for medical reasons.

The Government of Gujarat announces the change rules at different times so that the employees of the government get the benefit of their homeland.  These replacement rules apply to all government employees. Under the rules of replacement applicable to different government employees, such rules are also often changed by the government which is in the interest of the government employees.  The teachers who perform the duties in primary schools are entitled to the benefits of all these transfer rules. The teacher can change when he or she performs duty for 3 years or more in one place, as well as teachers who are five years from their date.  Teacher friends who have served up to the duty may also make changes to the District Fair.  As per the changes made by the Government, if any medical reason is taken from a teacher or husband or wife or parents from whom the person has blood relations, he / she is given priority in the transfer of medical personnel who is also seriously ill.  For reasons that can be said to be a replacement. Shikshak Badli na niyamo.To change the medical reasons of the Government employees of Gujarat Government, there have been several changes in the rules which have been issued by the Government.The policy regarding the rules for recruitment of Primary Teachers, Higher Primary Teachers and Vidyas Aids, from the Resolution No. PRE-11-2012-314776 / A and Resolution of the Education Department dated 23/5/2012.  Teachers are allowed in special cases to be transferred in the special case for medical reasons of higher primary education students but for such reasons, the teachers are replaced by the teachers.  As the teacher is present in the school, he is treated as a slayer as soon as the teacher is present in the school, and he has to face re-transfer at the time of transfer of the murders, so for medical reasons the benefit of the transfer does not mean.  As it was under the consideration of the government, it has now been done in this regard, that the primary teachers are the teachers of the Higher Primary Teacher Education Department or even the students.J.je prathmik shikshak uchch prathmik shikshan vidhyasahayak tabibi  karanosar badali Kari ne Ave chhe teo Fari vadh ma pade chhe jethi Ava shixako ne tran varsh sudhi badali karavi nahi.The teachers, who have been transferred for medical reasons, will not be considered valid for three years from now, meaning they will not face all the questions.

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