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The Government of Gujarat has launched a reading campaign in the primary schools of GujaratThe Government of Gujarat has launched a reading campaign in the primary schools of Gujarat. Under this reading campaign, all children studying in the primary school of Gujarat will be given the first test. It can be assumed that it will be tested Not only does reading mean much, but it is very important that the child or the person who reads what they read is very important.The reading campaign launched by the Government of Gujarat is considered to be very important. It is believed that many children in primary schools of Gujarat are able to read well but cannot absorb as much reading as they want to succeed in the examination. The government does not receive the National Achievement Survey conducted by Shri Despite its success, many children of Gujarat state still prove to be poor in reading, so that all the children studying in the field of education, the children can read and understand the meaning of reading. It is also very important that the Government is constantly concerned for the students of the school. It is the intention of the Government to develop the capacities, which is why the Government started this reading campaign from all the primary schools on November 14.During the entire campaign, intensive monitoring will be done on behalf of the state government. During this monitoring, how activities will be done for primary school students, as well as a booklet will be provided to all students in which students will have to do different daily reading projects.The project will be run for 6 consecutive weeks after which the test prepared by the language learners will be taken. The result prepared by the National Achievement Survey shows that there are still many children in the state of Gujarat who can read and cannot interpret. To make this reading campaign intensive for the preparation of such children on behalf of the government and the primary of the state of Gujarat While all the students studying in schools are learning about children's ability to read, and efforts are being made to ensure that all the children of Gujarat state are proficient in reading ability, how much is the Government of Gujarat worried about how the government can improve reading ability in all children of Gujarat state? By trying and what kind of criteria do you give your students a good read .

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