SSA par shikshak chakasani karva babat Circular

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 SAS par shikshak chakasani karva babat Circular

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The SAS portal is used for service matters including salaries of primary teachers and head teachers across the state. It includes the number of registered teachers in your district, teachers working as per the approved establishment 31/3/2021, teachers working as on 31/4/2021 and As on 31/5/2021, the number of working teachers has increased in some districts. While in some districts there is a difference in the number of teachers working in Std. 1 to 5 and also in the number of teachers working in Std. 6 to 8. Whose details are included with the sheets. On the basis of this, the attached forms included the approved establishment of taluka by taluka, teachers as per the monthly sheet and actual salary. Teachers are asked to verify the salary bill and send it to the office email on 28th November. In addition, a video conference on the subject will be held the following week. Take note of which

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SAS par shikshak chakasani karva babat Circular

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