Whatsapp Test Block wise and District Wise Report

Pravin Dabhani

Whatsapp Test for Class 3 to 10 students.

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વોટ્સએપ કસોટી આપવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Students will get Quick REPLAY if they just type HELLO. Thanks for joining the HOME LEARNING program. The study will not stop now. Please write and send the school's U dice code. - The details of the school will be sent as soon as the student is sent by writing the U dice code of the school. In which the name of the school, dice code, taluka, district and also 1 reply for yes will be typed and sent. And if there is wrong information, type 2 replies and send. As soon as the student types 1 reply and sends it, he will immediately ask them to select the standard. In which the student has to state his standard, what is the first name of the student as soon as the student states his standard? It will ask for details only in English alphabet and child tracking (according to Aadhaar Enabled Dias). As soon as a student types his first name Pratish Reply and sends it, the name of the father and date of birth will be displayed in the school and the number of students named Pratish in that class respectively. The order of his name among them will be to ensure it. If the order for the name has been confirmed by the student after confirmation, he / she will have to write in the reply.

Whatsapp Test Block wise and District Wise Report

Whatsapp self evaluation

*Along with this, the progress report of Whatsapp self-assessment of your district is sent in which you can see that very few teachers and students are using Whatsapp self-assessment. Do. 

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Download Block Wise Report : Click Here

Download District Wise Report : Click Here

WhatsApp Self Evaluation Platform / Module

Very important

As you are all well aware, every Saturday, students of Std. 3 to 10 have been studying under the home learning program of Gujarat State Gandhinagar for a long time under WhatsApp self-assessment. In which the student gets the answer to how many questions are true or false and also they get learning materials. From now on, a platform / module has also been prepared for teachers. Through which the teacher himself will be able to get the achievement as per the number of students in his class and subject and learning outcome ... for this he will be able to get the details using the WhatsApp number given below PPT showing understanding of it

Involved with this. Note - You are requested to study PPT once before you start getting these details on WhatsApp.

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Download Whatsapp test PPT : Click Here 

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