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 No need to touch or see the phone to know who is call with Caller Name Announcer

Annoyed at checking phone again & again for calls you don’t want? Try the latest caller name announcer app now.

Key features of Caller Name Announcer App – SMS speaker 

🔸 Caller name talker will speak who is calling.

🔸 Message announcer will announce name of sender.

🔸 SMS speaker for reading message contents.

🔸 WhatsApp caller & announcer.

🔸 Change Call screen theme as per your choice.

🔸 Gives Battery notification on current power level.

🔸 You can set caller name speaker ringtone.

Call Name Announcer app - SMS Talker

Caller identification - smart dialer is an outstanding app that alerts you of incoming calls by detecting the caller and announcing the caller's name with a loud voice. 

Call name announcer - Message announcer is perfect for situations where you can’t look at your phone screen, as for instance exercising, walking, driving or cooking. If you are experiencing mobility issues, or when the phone is just simply out of sight, Caller name speaker is there for you. Caller name id app identify the caller id and speak who is calling you. 

Caller Name Talker - SMS Announcer

With Text to speech engine, Caller Name Announcer broadcasts incoming caller name. It helps you manage your time effectively in your busy schedule. 

Speak who is calling ringtone - announcer call and sms:

It allows you to 'enable or disable' announcer function as per your requirement. Mobile auto responder helps you know which incoming call needs urgent reply. 

caller name announcer for whatsapp – Caller Name Talker: 

Call Announcer app - true caller enables user to listen to who is calling. Smart caller ID recognizes unknown numbers that enables the speak caller name feature to function for callers that are not even in your contact list. Unfamiliar numbers among which spam calls are identified with caller name announcer for whatsapp app.

SMS Announcer - Caller Name Announcer App: 

Call announcer app - smart dialer helps you out by reading out message loudly to know its contents. You can filter if it needs an immediate response. On the other hand, this feature works same in WhatsApp also.

Battery Voice Alert – Caller name talker: 

Announcer for WhatsApp has a battery voice alert that gives you a pop up notification. Notifier keeps you updated about the usage of battery in your smart phone, so that you can charge your cell phone before it dies.

WhatsApp Announcer - Caller Name Announcer app: 

It announces the incoming sms and call notifications on WhatsApp in loud voice to inform the user about the content in message or the name of person who is calling you. Optimize this feature according to your requirements i.e., announce in silent mode or on vibrate mode vice versa.

Dialer Themes – Call announcer app: 

This caller identification feature helps the user to use multiple caller screen themes in order to optimize your phone in a new way with Message announcer app. You can choose any theme accordingly with some easy steps. Dialer theme provides the user with newly designed themes and speak whos calling notification.

ધોરણ ૧૦ અને ૧૨ બોર્ડ પરીક્ષાનુ ટાઇમ ટેબલ ડાઉનલોડ

How to use Call announcer app and trapcall : 

🔹 Sms announcer feature can be optimized

🔹 Battery notifier keeps you updated with battery charge level

🔹 You can set name announcer for WhatsApp on vibratory mode or silent mode

🔹 Caller Name Talker - Caller identification supports different languages

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