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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Create Student ID Card easily

 Create Student ID Card easily

બાળકોના ID Card , વિદ્યાર્થી ઓળખ કાર્ડ આઇ કાર્ડ બનાવવા માટે ઉપયોગી લીંક  

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક 

બાળકોના ID Card , વિદ્યાર્થી ઓળખ કાર્ડ આઇ કાર્ડ બનાવવા માટેની ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

ફાઈલને ખોલવા માટે પાસવર્ડ તરીકે "1234" નાખવા.

બાળકોના ID Card , વિદ્યાર્થી ઓળખ કાર્ડ આઇ કાર્ડ બનાવવા માટે ઉપયોગી લીંક 

Create any type of business cards, employee cards, ID cards, invitation cards

This Card maker with photo makes it easy to create any type of cards including but not limited to Business card, Holiday cards, employee card, invitation cards etc. The best feature of this card maker with photo – employee id card creator is auto card designer app which anyone can put their creativity work with a perfect and amazing card designs. When you make any type of card you can send it on Gmail and you can able to get it printed.

This Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator has been a pure delight to use creating own personal card and professional businesses cards. You can make so many cards and it’s easy to print multiple business cards which you want to print for own business.

There are two options available in this Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator which will let you chose whether you want to design your own card in landscape or portrait where cards templates are given. You can make card with Landscape for your business and in the portrait for employee card.

Readymade templates of business card and employee card is available, only you can add text to readymade card and save it on HD format.

Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator features

✅ 1000+ cards templates

✅ Just select the card template and customize

✅ You can edit Front and back of any cards

✅ HD cards templates

✅ Auto card designs available

✅ You can upload own photo and company logo

✅ Perfectly rotate any text and logos

✅ Add QR code or Barcode to your business card

✅ PDF export to easily print the business card

✅ Easily Align any text straight

✅ Upload my own logo

✅ Save On SD Card and gallery

✅ SHARE on any Social Media

Key Features of Card Maker with Photo – Employee ID card Creator

✔Options to create your card in two ways portrait and landscape

✔Create cards for employees and company

✔Insert Card Background from gallery

✔Create card of your own choice by choosing the background color

✔Add stickers and text with different fonts styles and colors

✔Manage text size accordingly with card size

✔Bundles of icons of your card like social icons, phone Icons, contact Icon, message Icons, location Icons.

✔Insert your company logo for business card

✔Insert employee photo for employee card

✔Rotate and flip your text and photo.

✔Save HD cards.

Your business card, Student card, Employee card Visiting card maker

Are you looking the best free card designing application for your business, Student id cards, Employees Visiting card maker 2020?

Through this ID Card Maker with Photo App you can easily dress up your card with different icons such as social media icons like Facebook , WhatsApp, Twitter icon, Location icon, Telephone icon, Profile photo and a lot more icons from different categories which suits for your requirements.

There are two option given in this application which will let you chose whether you want to design your card in landscape or portrait where cards templates are given accordingly. Land scape will let you design your business card and in the portrait you can design employee card or also if you want you can design your business card in portrait.

You can easily draw your card by editing different business card and employee card templates for your business cards and employ cards. You can access so many readymade templates of business card and employ card in this ID Card Maker with Photo App.

You can also edit your card background with different colors available for you. You can use this card photo editor to add your own profile photo on your business card or your employ card.

You can add your own text on your card with different fonts and different colors available for you.

You can edit text on picture with this ID Card Maker with Photo App 💳 in different fonts and sizes.

Business Card Maker – Free Employee Card maker is the best free card editor for your business card and employ card.

You can create a business card easily by editing all these photo editing, text editing, icons editing and background editing features for free.

Business Card Maker – Free Employee Card maker Features 💳

✔Simplest application to create your business, Brand, Employees, Visiting ETC cards.

✔Latest application for your card design.

✔Free to use all the tools and cards design.

✔Fast and Easy to use.

✔Create your card just in few minutes.

✔Lot of cards new designs, Stickers and Icons.

✔Card maker with best features.

✔Design Professional Cards.

✔Design both front and back sides of your card.

Key Features of Business Card Maker – Free Employee Card maker 💳

✔Options to create your card in two ways portrait and Landscape.

✔Create business cards.

✔Create cards for employees and company.

✔Insert Card Background from your phone library.

✔Create card of your own choice by choosing the background color.

✔Add stickers and text with different Fonts styles.

✔Manage its size accordingly.

✔Bundles of icons of your social apps like Facebook icon, WhatsApp icon, Instagram icon, Phone Icons, Contact Icon, Message Icons, Location Icons and many more with different designs.

✔Insert your company logo for business card.

✔Insert employee photo for employee card.

✔Rotate and Flip your text and photo.

✔Save HD cards.

ધોરણ 3 થી 12 માં શનિવારની એકમ કસોટી, પુનઃકસોટી, ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય અને ઓનલાઈન એન્ટ્રીથી શિક્ષણ પર અસર

ધોરણ 3 થી 12 માં શનિવારની એકમ કસોટી, પુનઃકસોટી, ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય અને ઓનલાઈન એન્ટ્રીથી શિક્ષણ પર અસર 

✅ Search a bot you chatted with by its name on the Chat page to view along with date and time.

✅ Report, archive/unarchive, or block/unblock a bot as required.

✅ Can't find a bot in the Discover page? Search for it by its name on the Discover page.

✅ Read FAQs in settings to know answers for all of your questions.

✅ View indicators to show new bots on Discover and new messages from bots. 

ધોરણ 3 થી 12 માં શનિવારની એકમ કસોટી, પુનઃકસોટી, ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય અને ઓનલાઈન એન્ટ્રીથી શિક્ષણ પર અસર 

*રાષ્ટ્રીય શૈક્ષિક મહાસંઘ ગુજરાત*

         *એકમ કસોટી સર્વે*

ગુજરાત રાજ્યની ધોરણ ૩ થી ૧૨ ની સરકારી તેમજ ગ્રાન્ટેડ શાળાઓમાં લેવાતી એકમ કસોટી બાબતનું સર્વે ફોર્મ

        રાષ્ટ્રીય શૈક્ષિક મહાસંઘ ગુજરાત વિદ્યાર્થીઓના મુલ્યાંકનના વિરોધમાં નથી. વર્તમાન સ્થિતિમાં એકમ કસોટીના અતિશય ભારણ તથા દરેક વિદ્યાર્થીના ગુણ ઓનલાઈન કરવાની કામગીરીથી શિક્ષક વર્ગખંડ માટે ઓછો સમય આપી શકે છે. આ કારણસર ઓનલાઈન સર્વે કરવાની જરૂરિયાત ઉપસ્થિત થઇ છે. માટે શિક્ષણ સાથે જોડાયેલ દરેક વ્યક્તિ આ સર્વે ફોર્મ ભરે એ જરૂરી છે.

*🌷ખાસ નોંધ:- તા. 15/02/2023 ના રાતના 12:00 કલાક સુધી સર્વે ફોર ભરી શકશે.🌷*

ફોર્મ ભરવા માટે નીચે આપેલ લિંક પર ક્લિક કરો.



Recover your lost or deleted photos and videos with DiskDigger!

DiskDigger can undelete and recover lost photos, images, or videos from your internal memory or external memory card. Whether you accidentally deleted a photo, or even reformatted your memory card, DiskDigger's powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and videos, and let you restore them.

You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.

Note: DiskDigger requires the "Access all files" permission on your device, to be able to search all locations on the device for lost and recoverable photos. When you are asked for this permission, please enable it so that DiskDigger can search your device most effectively.

* If your device is not rooted, the app will perform a "limited" scan for your deleted photos or videos by searching your cache and thumbnails.

* If your device is rooted, the app will search all of your device's memory for any trace of photos, as well as videos!

* After the scan is complete, tap the "Clean up" button to permanently delete any items that you no longer need (currently an experimental feature, available only in the Basic Scan).

* You can also use the "Wipe free space" option to erase the remaining free space on your device, so that any deleted files can no longer be recoverable.

For complete instructions, please see

If you need to recover more types of files besides photos and videos, try DiskDigger Pro!

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

શાળાના સૌથી સિનિયર શિક્ષકને આચાર્યના ચાર્જ સોંપવા બાબત પરિપત્ર

 આચાર્યના ચાર્જ બાબત પરિપત્ર

શાળાના સૌથી સિનિયર શિક્ષકને આચાર્યના ચાર્જ સોંપવા બાબત પરિપત્ર

આચાર્યના ચાર્જ બાબત હિંમતનગર સાબરકાંઠા નો પરિપત્ર 30/1/2023 

આચાર્યના ચાર્જ બાબત અલગ અલગ 14 જિલ્લાના પરિપત્ર 


  1. Mukhya Shikshak na charge babat : BANASKANTHA
  2. Prathmik shala ma Acharya na charge babat : RAJKOT
  3. Seniority mujab Acharya no charge Apva babat : JAMNAGAR
  4. Bimari ke Anya kissa ma charge Apva babat : JUNAGADH
  5. Mukhya shixak na charge Ange : NADIYAD
  6. Shixak / Vidyasahayak ni Seniority babat : DANTIVADA TALUKO
  7. Prathmik shala na Acharya na charge babat : MORBI
  8. Primary school Acharya na charge babat : JUNAGADH
  9. Prathmik shala na Aacharya na charge babat : RAJKOT
  10. Prathmik shala na Acharya na charge babat : GIR SOMNATH
  11. Senior shixak ne mukhya shikshak no charge sopava babat : BANASKANTHA
  12. Acharya na charge mate Shixako ni seniority ganva babat : PORBANDAR
  13. Badli thayel shixak ne chhuta karva ane mukhya shixak na charge ange : :KHEDA
  14. Primary school ma Head teacher na charge babat : RAJKOT

આચાર્યના ચાર્જ બાબત અલગ અલગ 14 જિલ્લાના પરિપત્ર

Have fun as you learn to read English & more with the magic of your voice

Read Along (formerly Bolo) is a free and fun speech based reading tutor app designed for children aged 5 and above.

It helps them improve their reading skills in English and many other languages (Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Spanish & Portuguese) by encouraging them to read aloud interesting stories and collect stars and badges together with "Diya", the friendly in app assistant. 

Diya listens to children when they read and offers realtime positive feedback when they read well and helps them out when they get stuck - even when offline & without data!


• Works Offline : Once downloaded, it works offline, so it does not use any data.

• Safe : Since the app is made for children, there are no ads, and all sensitive information stays only on the device. 

• Free: The app is completly free to use and has a vast library of books with different reading levels from Pratham Books, Katha Kids & Chhota Bheem, with new books added regularly. 

• Games: Educational games within the app, make the learning experience fun. 

• In-App Reading Assistant: Diya, the in-app reading assistant helps children read out loud and provides positive reinforcement when they read correctly, and help wherever they get stuck. 

• Multi Child Profile: Multiple children can use the same app and create their individual profiles to track their own progress.

• Personalised: The app recommends the right level of difficulty books to each child depending on their reading level.

Languages available :

With Read Along, children can read a variety of fun and engaging stories in different languages including:

• English

• Hindi (हिंदी)

• Bangla (বাংলা) 

• Urdu (اردو) 

• Telugu (తెలుగు) 

• Marathi (मराठी) 

• Tamil (தமிழ்) 

• Spanish (Español) 

• Portuguese (Português)

With just 10 minutes of fun & practice every day, inspire your child to become a reading star for life! 

2023 Budget updates

 2023 Budget updates 

Important Link 

7.5 લાખ રૂપિયા સુધીના પગાર પર કોઈ ટેક્સ નહીં લાગે, નવી સિસ્ટમમાં 50 હજારનું સ્ટાન્ડર્ડ ડિડક્શન પણ સામેલ

Read full News : Click Here 

તમારા નવા ટેક્સ સ્લેબને આ રીતે જાણો  

Income and Expense Recorder, Your Expense Tracker and Budget Planner App!!

🎉 A simple and easy-to-use Budget App. Budget App makes managing personal finances as easy as pie!

🎉 Daily income and expense recorder, budget planner, and balance calculator.

🎉 Automatic generation of money statistics charts and clear money trends.

🎉 Rapid operation, 3 seconds to enter one record.

====== Main Features ======

👉  Money Manager

Income and expense recorder, good expense tracker.

👉  Budget Planner

You can set the budget line of each month in this budget app.

👉  Balance Calculator

The balance can be calculated and displayed automatically.

👉  Money Statistics Chart

Money statistics charts and reports can be generated automatically, and you can view the trend of expenses, incomes, balances and budgets by defining the dates yourself.

👉  Detailed Classification

You can add, delete or rename the categories in the Budget App..

👉  Edit Records

You can view or edit previous records in the Budget App.

👉  Set Start Date

You can set the one-month cycle as starting from and ending on specified days.

👉  Data Backup and Recovery

You can backup the data to Google Drive or recover the data to the device.

👉  Excel Export

You can export the data to an Excel file.

👉  Switch Colors

You can select different display colors for the Money Manager. You can set a dark theme.

👉  Search

You can search all data.

👉 Small Yet

Small occupancy in memory, power saving.

📌 You can use the Budget App completely for free (with adds).

📌 Or pay for the Budget App to upgrade to VIP (no adds).

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If you like the Budget App, please grade us, Thank you! 

An easy and efficient budget app and expense tracker for managing your money.

How do you manage your budget and watch every dollar? With Monefy, your financial organizer and finance tracker, it’s simple. Each time you buy a coffee, pay a bill, or make a daily purchase, you only need to add each expense you have — that's it! Just add new records each time you make a purchase. It’s done in one click, so you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. Tracking daily purchases, bills, and everything else you spend money on has never been so quick and enjoyable with this money manager.

How do you track your personal expenses successfully? What about your personal capital? 

Let's face it — saving money in today's world is not easy. You need a budget. Luckily, Monefy is more than a money tracker, it's also one of the best savings apps to help you with money management. Keep track of your personal expenses and compare them to your monthly income with the budget planner. Keep your monthly budget in mint condition. Your new budgeting app will help you become a budgeting master and start saving money with Monefy. 

Do you own multiple mobile devices? Maybe you want to share budget and expense tracking with a significant other. Monefy helps by safely synchronizing data between multiple devices. Create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones, and the changes will be made on other devices right away!

Key features which make tracking enjoyable and powerful:

- Add new records quickly with the intuitive and easy-to-use interface

- See your spending distribution on an easy-to-read chart, or get detailed information from the records list

- Safely synchronize using your own Google Drive or Dropbox account

- Take control of recurring payments

- Track in multi-currencies

- Access your spending tracker easily with handy widgets

- Manage custom or default categories

- Backup and export personal finance data in one click

- Save money with budget tracker

- Stay secure with passcode protection

- Use multiple accounts

- Crunch numbers with the built-in calculator

Our mission is to empower people to be in control of their lives by bringing awareness of their finances.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The most powerful video maker, photo slideshow with photo & music.

 Create Video from Photos

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક 

ફોટામાંથી વિડિયો બનાવવા માટે ઉપયોગી એપ્લિકેશન-1 ઇન્સ્ટોલ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ફોટામાંથી વિડિયો બનાવવા માટે ઉપયોગી એપ્લિકેશન-2 ઇન્સ્ટોલ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

ફોટામાંથી વિડિયો બનાવવા માટે ઉપયોગી એપ્લિકેશન-3 ઇન્સ્ટોલ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો. 

The most powerful video maker, photo slideshow with photo & music.

Photo video maker is one of the best and most powerful applications for creating videos, creating movies, creating slide show movies on your device. 

With this video creation application from photos and music, you can easily create videos, edit videos from your own photo gallery.

You are using the app to create videos from the images in your collection best on Google Play.

All you need to do to create great videos is: Choose photos. Add music. Set effects, time. Save videos, slideshows and share them with friends. Photo video maker is the easiest way to create music videos.

Photo video maker is a free video and music creation application.

This is the best option for you to store and share pictures and sweet memories with friends and relatives! The application allows users to select music from their phone, just select your favorite photo, beautiful slideshow video will be created.

With an image creation tool with music and video editors, creating videos with photos, music, and more becomes simple, engaging, and interesting. You can create your videos with text, effects, stickers, sound effects, and almost anything you want in a creative way to have fun videos.

* Professional editing tool: Photo editor with music editor and video provides the best tools to make it easy to create videos from your photos and music to create extremely easy presentation videos

* Beautiful effects: The photo video maker has a lot of wonderful effects and it's free.

* Music: The app provides melodies that match every video theme. You can also add your favorite songs and music tracks from the device to make your videos interesting and engaging.

* Frame and time slideshow: Lots of beautiful and varied frames for your video to be unique. You can also edit the video speed quickly or slowly by selecting the duration of the slideshow.

- Main features of photo video maker:

★ Free video maker app for photos and music, the free video editing application

★ Easy to use professional editing tools

★ Find photos from your gallery. You can choose as many photos as you want. Supports high-resolution images.

★ Support image editing is a photo editing tool before creating videos. With more features: add text, stickers, crop photos, flip photos, filters, ...

★ Add music to the slideshow, easily select the music you love to add to the video.

★ Lots of free themes with beautiful and vivid effects sets available in the app

★ Lots of photo frames with diverse colors to make your videos more prominent.

★ Adjust the video length as you like by changing the slide show time between images.

★ Easily backup videos to devices with just one click.

★ Share videos for beloved friends through your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email ...

To learn more about advanced settings, download and try it out.

We believe that listening experience can be something more. This is why we created this photo video maker.

If you want to comment, give feedback or suggestions about our Photo video maker, please send a message to: 

Filmigo Video Maker with Effects, Video Cutter for Vlog, Animated Video Editor

Filmigo Video Maker of Photos with Music & video editor is a powerful video editing tool to make stylish music video and slideshow. Provide new material for Valentine's Day. Make romantic love video! You can splice video clips together and make memes easily. With simple steps, a spark video combined with hot music, animation stickers, popular themes, special subtitles and cool transition will be shown. You'll look vivacious and charming in the video.

Key Features of this video maker/photo editor

Professional Editing Tool: 

Filmigo video trimmer offers powerful tools for you to splice/reverse/rotate/trim/split/duplicate your clips and cut the movie. You can cut a video in parts, merge images from your gallery or album, compress video without losing quality like a professional video producer. Also, you can zoom in/speed up/speed down the video to make a super interesting piece of art.

Trendy Music: 

Video Maker offers fully licensed music to make your video popular. You can pick all the trendy music you like, add multi music to make impressive video. Easily extract audio from any video, and make it your own BGM. Besides, you can use voice-over and change your voice into robot, monster...

Exquisite Themes:

Filmigo video maker has various themes and unique transitions. It only takes one tap to create an awesome music video and make you look vivacious. Filmigo helps you create interesting video to grab attention, gain more followers and likes on social media.

Cute Stickers: 

There are various GIFs, emoji, animated stickers. Filmigo Movie Maker makes it easy for users to splice and edit video, slideshow. 

Artistic Subtitles:

There are a variety of text styles and fonts for you to choose in this intro maker/video cutter. You can also add doodles, draw on the screen to make creative videos. In the meantime, our VIP privilege includes 1080p export and unique functions like pixelate and scroll text, there's also no ads and no watermark. 


Filmigo video editor provides 720P/1080P HD export with no quality loss and no duration limit. You can save the video or slideshow to your draft or album at any time. Besides, blurred background and voice enhancement features make the video and slideshow more appealing.


Square themes and no crop mode are customized for users. Easily sharing your videos to social network. You can record your special moments like wedding day, birthday, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas...

With this movie editor/meme generator, creating a video with photos, music, and other elements becomes easy and fun. You can beautify your videos with subtitles, themes, transitions, stickers, doodles and almost anything you want in a creative and personalized way.

If you have any suggestions or questions for Filmigo, please contact us at:

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Decorate your photos with 26 january indian republic day photo frame.

Decorate your photos with 26 january indian republic day photo frame.

26 january photo frame 2023 to all Indians. Proud to be an Indian. Jai hind...!!! 

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

Download Certificate Click Here

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Republic day honors the date on which the constitution of india came into force on 26 january 1950 replacing the government of india act (1935) as the governing document of india.create awesome predefined frames profile frames to wish friends and beloved ones on this special day by using our republic day photo frame 2023 (or) 26 january photo frame apps contains hd quality republic day photo frames and backgrounds. 

Republic day photo frame is one of the best beautiful frames to your photos. Take the best republic day photo frames app for free and decorate your images with the most beautiful special effects. Make impressive looking republic day photo frames by adjusting your images in 26 january frame. It has a huge collection of republic day photo frame, so wish your friends & family & loved one on this biggest festival happy republic day photo frame using decorated your photo with this photo frame application. 

Browse photos from image gallery and adjust photo in favorite republic day photo frame add some best photo edit photo as you want. Lots of happy republic day photo frame available with this app.

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How to use:

👉 Choose photo with gallery or other with camera.

👉 Save your image to sd card

👉 Adjust your photo with simple finger touch.

👉 Apply your favorite republic day photo frame.

👉 Multiple republic day photo frame available.

👉 You can set wallpapers

👉 Zoom your photo and adjust any place in your screen.

👉 Republic day photo frame is completely free download.

👉 Offline images available to use without internet connection.

👉 Save and share your wallpapers on gallery, share via social media.

👉 Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out the photo to fit the frame as you like.

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Decorate your photos with "January 26 Republic Day Photo Frames 2023"

Happy Republic Day 2023!

Happy republic day photo frame 2023, 

Every year, Republic Day is observed on January 26th in India. This year in 2023, the country will mark its 74th Republic Day on Thursday. It is an important national holiday that commemorates the establishment & adoption of the Constitution of India.When we celebrate on 26 January 2023, they are often marked as national holiday. 

republic day app 2023 is a photo editor for editing your pics with 2023 Photo Frames. It consist of Multiple New and attractive collection of republic day photo editor 2023.

Republic Day 2023 Photo Frames is specially created with nice realistic and Beautiful Republic day background photo frames, it has a huge collection of 26 january photo frames, so wish your friends & family & Loved one on this biggest republic day 2023 using decorated your photo with this best happy republic day photo editor application.

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કોઈપણ એપ્લિકેશન ડાઉન લોડ કર્યા વગર ફોટો ફ્રેમ બનાવવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

republic day photo frame can be downloaded and installed on android devices.

Happy republic day photo frame 2023 has various types of Happy Republic Day cards, images, wishes.....

This is the best 26 january apps 2023 that provides a wide range of Happy Republic day photo frames 2023 free. 

All you have to do is select a beautiful photo frame from this amazing collection and apply it to your image. Transform your pics with your new january 26 photo frame and start decorating your pics with wonderful India Republic Day 2023

26 January Republic Day Photo Frames 2023 app has various Key Features:-

✽It is completely free to download.

✽Simple user-friendly interface.

✽Easy to use 26 january app.

✽Select a photo from gallery or capture it with your camera phone in real time to set this republic day frames..

✽this application does not require internet connection.

✽26 january photo frame Supports All android OS Mobiles and Tablets devices.

✽Wonderful january 26 photo frames.

✽India Republic Day Photo Frames Works off line too.

✽ 26 January Republic Day photo frames available to edit.

✽This app has text option to add text on republic day 2023 photo frame

✽You can save the final image edited in this Republic day 2023 - January 26 2023 Photo Editor and share with your friends

✽You can zoom in and zoom out with multitouch gesture

✽You can also add text to the 26 january republic day frame.

✽Easy to change the size, color and font of the text at any time.

✽Simple cropping tool is available.

✽Colorful & high quality HD photo frames..

✽Add Filter Effects to the Photo to make it look more Beautiful.

✽Text on your 26 Jauary Photo Frames.

✽Move, rotate, drag options to set photos on republic day photo frame 2022.

✽Save and share these designed photo frame republic day 2022 pics using social networks.

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✅ *સર્વિસ બુકમાં વિવિધ પ્રકારની નોંધ પાડવા માટે રેડીમેડ સ્ટીકર*

👉 નિયમિત પગારની નોંધ

👉 હિન્દી પરીક્ષા મુક્તિની નોંધ

👉 સીસીસી પાસ કર્યાની નોંધ

👉 સામાન્ય વારસદાર નિયુક્તિ

👉 વિદ્યાસહાયક ફિક્સ પગારની સેવાઓ માન્ય રાખવા બાબત

👉 નવી જૂથ વીમા યોજના 1/1/2003

👉 પિતૃત્વ રજા

👉 CPF/GPF નંબરની નોંધ

👉 સિવિલ સર્જન પ્રમાણપત્ર નોંધ

👉 વિદ્યાસહાયક નિમણુક

👉 બદલી છૂટા અને હાજર નોંધ

👉 અપંગ એલાઉન્સ/વાહન ભથ્થું

👉 કપાત રજા/પ્રસૂતિ રજા

👉 અન્ય તમામ સ્ટીકર

અગત્યની લીંક

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