Computer Teacher bharati

Computer Teacher bharati

Regarding eligibility and determination of computer teachers in the state government secondary and higher secondary schools

Determining the Qualifications and Ratios of Computer Teachers in State Government Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools with Reference to the Department of Education.
A copy of the above resolution is included with the request to send information and implementation good from your level to the Government Secondary Higher Secondary Schools of our district.  Amendment 20 (3) of Gujarat Secondary Education Exchange 1974 Rules regarding the eligibility of computer teachers for non-government-granted secondary and higher secondary schools in the state, as per the letter dated 3 October 2019, Gandhinagar, Commissioner's Schools.  Is.According to the letter dated 3 7 2019, the toxicity and eligibility for teachers of computer subjects in the non-government-funded secondary and higher secondary school have been proposed as applicable to the computer teacher in the state secondary and higher secondary schools, which was under the consideration of the government.  The idea was eventually compiled in the state government secondary and higher secondary schools  For the teacher, the following qualifications are ascertained.  For the Secondary Department bca bsc it BE Tech Tech BP Mated Computer Computer Science mscit should be a subject other than any one subject method-1 and subject of the TAT test.  The computer teacher has to teach another subject along with the computer.  Appointments can be made in Russia, which are available in schools belonging to secondary or higher classes.  For higher secondary section.  DCBSCB Mite Limited BSc MSc IT Any other subject of any subject method-1 subject the computer teacher will have to teach about the computer as well as the computer.  Therefore, more shyamas may be appointed in the gaushalas for many years.  This order has been issued on the same rank file with the approval received from the Government dated 14 10 2019 2019.The government, which was planning to recruit computer teachers in the secondary and higher secondary schools of Gujarat, was now under Shri.  It was decided by the government that wherever the secondary and higher secondary schools are run, it is now decided not to get a teacher about a computer.  After graduating with a computer subject, along with her post-graduation and many Bachelor Education students who have passed the TAT exam with computer, have been waiting for such recruitment for a long time.  There is good news from the government for all the candidates who have passed the various TAT-1 exams with the computer. From now on, the teachers who pass the TAT, ie the teachers who pass the TAT with computers, will be included in the secondary and higher secondary schools by the government and will be announced soon.  Will also be done.

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