Government Schemes for Senior Citizens


Government Schemes for Senior Citizens 

Various benefits are provided from every citizen and government older than 60 years in India. There are various schemes available in the Government of India. Under this scheme, older citizens over the age of 6 years can avail various schemes.  There are various schemes announced by Shri Govt. For them to take advantage of such schemes  Can make her life better.
If you have income of up to three lakhs in income tax after 60 years, you are exempt from income tax.
80 years, up to five lakhs are exempt from income tax.

Up to 1.5 lakh investments are exempt from income tax

Mediclaim insurance premiums up to Rs20000

15 S Filling out a form does not deduct TDS on interest income

Apart from these many benefits, every citizen of India above the age of 60 years is provided special benefits and benefits by the Central Government.  

60 to 80 year old citizens get one lakh medical treatment insurance coverage for the new year, up to Rs 2 lakh insurance  Shield is

Benefits of Telephone Railway Aviation AMTS
Special priority for settling the telephone connection complaint is to be entitled to a 20% concession in the rent of the race Ben.  
Senior Citizen Pass gets 50% relief on Ahmedabad city bus.
 You get 50% relief for railway ticket and 40% for women.  
Railway ticket fares give relief to heart cancer patient and one colleague up to 75% in hospital answer fare from home.

Separate arrangements for Senior Citizens in the line of Railway Ticket Banks. 
Air India offers 60-year citizens a 50% discount on the original fare on international tour of the big country. 
 The Sahara provides citizens with 65 percent relief for 65 years of national travel.

In addition to giving priority to the case of senior citizens in court, legal advice is provided by some organizations for free.

Shravan tirh yojana Gujarat government

Senior citizens are given a concession of up to 50% on rent for pilgrimages, grouping 30 or more people.

Reverse Mortgage Gauge Plan

Senior citizens can earn income for the month by mortgaging their own property in a bank in which the house occupies itself as long as they live.

Senior Citizen Credentials

The above identity card can be obtained through the Public Service Center and Post Offices in the Collector's office

The above identity card can be obtained through the Public Service Center and Post Offices in the Collector's office
Security police protection

Special care is taken by the elderly living alone to inform the Commissioner of Police

Other benefits.

  Retired Government Employees Officer has the privilege of staying and dining in the guest houses of the State Government.  When the pensioner dies, one month's pension will be available for the funeral procession. The senior citizen can obtain legal money from his descendants to pay for the funeral.
Senior Citizens Homes

Ahmedabad Amreli Anand Bhavnagar Banaskantha Baruch Dahod Gandhinagar Junagadh Jamnagar Kutch Kheda Mehsana Navsari Narmada Patan Porbandar Panchmahal Rajkot Sabarkantha Surendranagar Surat Vadodara For 23 other districts, there are 152 approved districts and 178 more in Gujarat Is functioning.

Senior Citizens' Rights

The society needs development .The death of everyone is certain.  That is why the dispute between the heirs after death must be dealt with in order to resolve the court case and to build a calm and developed society and to build a peaceful and developed society.
Creating a Will is very easy to write on a plain paper.  No stamps are required.  Can be modified at any time.  More information on the Will is necessary to adjust the Will through proper information
The Government of India provides special benefits to every citizen over 60 years of age in India by the Central State Government. To avail these benefits you can download more PDF and get more information.

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