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If you fill out this registration form from Gir Foundation Gujarat and upload it on email or website, then Rs 5000 will be deposited from Gir Foundation within your school account.  Fill out the form and we have to submit a lot of activities in the school under the Eco Club.  Ksakoni are made in new activities using school principal.Under the Eco Club, various activities are done in the school such as planting activity. What are the activities done within the school to make pits in the school? The Chancellor is an activity which, under the activity, the children are aware of the environment. The child loves the environment and the child.  The love of the people is called the children understand that the kettle of the environment  We know the importance of the importance of family life that we are very near.
The government and various departments also want that different activities take place at the school level and also have the most activities available under the children.  To be able to cultivate spirituality means that every child needs to know the environment  Learning to love is our moral duty ratye.Give your school account number, fill out all other details of your school's dice code and fill out the form that is given today. You will have to fill in the capital completely and mail it to the Gir Foundation. What can you do?  The Foundation can also upload it so you can do so whenever the Gir Foundation has your form.  Make a call and tell you and then if they feel appropriate you will give a grant of Rs 5,000 to your school bank account. This grant can be used for various activities like maintenance of various games within the schools, distribution of tree plants and many types.  You can also help.If you also want to get a five thousand rupees grant for the Eco Club from the Gir Foundation then upload this form and capital full of Acharya's signature and coins and mine and today or on his website.
Click the link below to download the PDF as FORM

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