All the children studying in the pond are given Aadhar Dias Number, but also the schools have Aadhar Dias Number from which information can be easily obtained from which district of the school is located in Taluka State.According to a recently published circular, SAS Gujarat has been instructed to update the information of all the teachers manually checking it, which also includes updating the fact sheet of the teachers of the school.Whose fact is that when filling out the form the details of how long the teacher has worked.  Apart from this, information about the time of school has also been reported.  The school from which you have come to school after being separated from you is also required to write the dias code. It is very difficult to get the dias code of the school at the same time if the teacher converts the district or if he has moved to another school.  To get the Dias Code, you have to contact the Head Teacher of the school. How do I put this link here that you can just click on the link and select the district so that the base Dias number of all the schools in the whole district will come to you.  You will be able to select your school and enter its base dice number.The state government has decided to do administrative work of all the schools of the state online at under online operation, though the school has uploaded all the teachers' details of the school but still some things seem incomplete if all the details are filled in and filled in. Many issues for verification.  This operation has to be taken into account.
You will need a special school dias number to enter the details of the district district transfers or school replacements that you have made.  You can easily find your old new school Aadhaar Dice number from the link placed here.

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