office superintendent call letter

office superintendent call letter

An announcement was made by the Government of Gujarat and Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board for the appointment of superintendent of various cadre Omar office of Gujarat.  The announcement of the post of Examination of the Office of the Superintendent has been organized on the next Sunday, 29th 2019, given in this advertisement 2017 18 .All the candidates will be such that this advertisement has been a long time since they have been given the candidates.  Candidates who had filed their applications in the meantime are no longer aware of the examination of this advertisement.  All the candidates who have declared the post can take this exam so that they can get a government job

Gujarat Secondary Service - Life Board, Gadhinagar regulates the departments of different departments.
 In the offices of the Heads of the Department, different Towers of all Vigilance-VIII-VIs have been made.
 For preparation of preference / activity list on merit basis by conducting non-competitive examination.
 Candidates are asked to submit online application forms on OJAS website.
 Is.  These candidates submitted their website at  ૧૦/૧૦/૨૦૧૮
 (3:00 pm) to Sat.  1/4/3 (2-3 hours per night)
 Will have to apply online.
 1) Do not provide details for the application (this is indicated in Madhura Vidhya-1 in this field.
 This is obviously the candidate himself / herself before applying for this entire scenario online
 It is important to read carefully.
 2) The candidate does not have to attach any certificates while applying online.  But, uh
 Apply Certificate Details when applying onlineOnline application
 The applicant has to fill in all the details.  Hence all their own certificates such as,
 Educational Qualification, Age, School Leaving Certificate, External, Physical Disorders (Applicable)
 If required), former attendant (if applicable), widow (if applicable) as well
 Apply online with valid qualification certificates
 Certificates have to fill in all the details.  So that there are no false details
 Due diligence does not qualify for cancellation.
 3) Examination Methods: In the process of choice guinea, the drug becomes an irritating drug in Maduka weak R-4.
 In the first phase there was an OMR with Lu Xi questions.  Competitive audit of methodology
 Part-I and then three times the total number of candidates for part-1
 The computer will continue to pass on the proficiency test.
 4) When the need arises, we will be able to take the exam on the mobile phone
 Sms  (SMS).  Thus, in the relevant column in the registry
Office Superintendent No. 142 9th Examination 29 Baro 2019 will be held on Sunday by different Examination Centers when advertisement number 143 143 was announced by selection ie Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board, it was stated that any recruitment process would be done in it.  The recruitment process will be conducted after the examination of the government  The Secondary Selection Service Board has conducted the examination of this office superintendent on Sunday, 29th 2019. For further guidance on this advertisement and this examination you can visit the website of Gujarat Secondary Selection Board. Gujarat Secondary Service Selection  It has been said by the Board that whenever you download a call letter, this collateral as well as the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board  If you have a function or have a handicapped candidate and they have filled out this form, then if you need them, then the Government should apply for this.  Apart from this, there is a phone computer calculator or anything else that you can test that will help you with the exam.  You are not allowed to use any type of phone mobile calculator in the exam.  If you do not have an attendance letter or a call letter, you will need to take the exam if you do not have an attendance letter or a call letter.  Note that we will not be allowed to sit or take seriously.

Click on the link below to download the Call Letter from the Office of the Superintendent of Examination held by Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board.

Download call letter-- 

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