Useful file for government servant

Useful file for government servant

Government employees are given various benefits from the government while performing duties in Gujarat. Such government employees are often deprived of government benefits due to lack of knowledge of these various benefits provided by the government.  Here is a nice fun file prepared for government employees to know about the various benefits provided by the government.  It also gives you an understanding of what benefits will be provided to the government employees. You can get a better understanding of the benefits available to the government employees during the government job. Often it happens that the government employee gets benefits from various schemes from the government.  Because such a government employee had no idea about the scheme, this government employee could get such government benefits.  The government also facilitates all rentals for such government employees.  Whenever a government employee leaves his headquarters and goes to another place for government work or training.  The accommodation and lodging is then arranged by the government, as well as from the government, the traveling alla and DA are paid to such government employees.  Different grades of Traveling Ella and DA House have been set.  That is, not all government employees get the same DA and DA but all the government employees get the same ta / da depending on their grade pay.The file provided here gives you the new T.A.  Information about the bill will also be available.  Here is an explanation of how much the employee should pay if he / she is staying in the hotel.  According to Rule 75, 90 days of talk is not available to them after 180 days of 50%. Also, the policy rules for hit type government employees are paid Rs.  is coming.  All government employees with more than 76000 grades can also travel by air.  If the journey is more than 2km, it is not possible to travel by rail in one day, then a government employee with a grade of 5400 to 6600 can also travel by air.Apart from this, the file also gives you a nice and easy explanation of what amount of group insurance is to be deducted from the monthly salary of the government employees.  The group insurance amount is determined based on the employee's grade, which employee and how many grade pay employees.  This file provides an overview of how many groups should be cut off to Rio.The transfer allowance is also paid to the government employee when he is transferred.  The PDF file also gives an explanation of when and how the transfer allowance is paid. Even if a government employee is able to travel by rail, he will also have an understanding of the amount paid if he chooses a route other than the railway.  This is given in the file.Here is also an explanation of how general retirement payments are made at retirement.  Government employees can apply to withdraw their deposit one year before they retire.
Understanding of deductions from general futures.  Various benefits available to government employees.  Understanding of group insurance deductions for government employees  Understanding of TDS deduction for Government employees. Not only the government schemes and various government benefits, but also a very nice file has been prepared explaining the various benefits as well as its rules to all the employees of Class A, Class III, III or Class-I within a single file.  All information will be found.

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