Cells showing an area of ​​5% inflation/5% MOGVARI BHATHATHA NU KOSHTAK

Cells showing an area of ​​5% inflation
The state government has announced a 5% increase in the inflation allowance for government employees who are employed in the state government.Government employees' inflation allowance has been increased by 5%.A table is given on how much inflation allowance is available to an employee and how many areas are available to receive a letter.The government has announced a 5% peanut allowance in the inflation allowance paid to the salaries of government employees employed in the government of Gujarat.Everything is disclosed by the government employee being placed by the government twice a year.  Thus, in the months of January and July, the government is paid by the government.  Subsequently, the state government considered this inflation allowance and the employees of the state government were also given this inflation allowance, subject to the central government rules of all employees employed in the state government.  The dearness allowance is paid to all government employees twice a year.The inflation allowance given by the government to the employees of the state government and the inflation allowance is often declared late. Because the government does not pay such dearness allowance to the employees of the state government immediately after the central government.  Gives inflation to government employees.Whenever the inflation allowance is declared late by the government, the government pays all such inflation allowance to the government employees, such as the next inflation allowance.  Depending on the salaries of the government employees, inflation is paid.  Depending on the salary structure of the employee, the wage allowance is also paid on behalf of the government. The wage allowance depends on the wages of the employees of the government.Here is a table on how much inflation difference is eligible for bills based on the salaries of government employees.  Based on this table of the Maghwari difference bill, all the government employees can easily calculate their salary and make their own difference bill.On the basis of this difference bill, all government employees will also be paid the difference of the previous inflation allowance.  Thus, the government announces inflation twice a year in January and July. This time, the government has declared five percent inflation for all government employees.  The increase in wages will also increase the salaries of government employees.  The government has increased the wages of government employees.A table has been prepared to calculate the inflation allowance bill announced by the government as well as to calculate the difference of inflation allowance.  With this table, all employees can easily make their own difference bill.  A very nice table that is useful to all government employees is shown here.  The table directly calculates and calculates how much inflation is available as per the salary of government employees.
Click on the link below to view the Mogwari Difference Bill Table

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