21/4/2020 na biseg na mudda

The entire country is locked down due to the spread of Corona virus in India. The children of the school are also following the lock-down in their home at this time. The government is concerned about school children even in such an epidemic. That is why the school is doing a great job of preparing the study material and delivering the study material to your children to the teachers of the school.
Today, information was provided to the teachers as well as the officials of the education department through Byseg, the issues of which were as follows.

Today's biasg broadcast issues

Honorable T.S.Joshi sir
Pre-built role
Mr. Taraiya Saheb
- Psychotherapy talked
- To take care of health
- How to make this time of corona virus a quality one for children.
- What kind of care to take as a guardian.
- What kind of mental role are children going through right now through observation.
Honorable Minister of Education
- How the care of a government school differs from that of a private school.
- At this time the performance of the teacher and all the CRC and BRC has been noted from the upper level.
- Performed 40% to 80% of the given literature.
Gujarat is No.1 in India.
- Talking to the guardians in a video conference on May 17 was encouraging.
- Every teacher talks to his child's guardian by phone.
-Children's morning and evening hours - Try to study the literature given to the child for hours.
- The effort you put in is noted. E.g. Kutch teacher's example. Gave.
- Nothing is lost.
- Taken by a top ranking officer of sampled operations, he noted.
- Thank you for giving me one day's salary. The Minister himself will talk to the teacher who helps more.
- Paper verification is definitely done.
- Talked about inspiring events. The prisoners of Surat have provided the proceeds for this purpose. The man's daughter gave 36000 / - and other inspiring things.
- Better to wear a mask than a ventilator. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
- Reviews will be taken from the conference later.
- From now on, if this activity is not joined, then the teacher should join.
- This type of Gujarat performance is excellent.
Thank you.

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