Good News About DA Arious and Diwali Bonus for Gujarat Government Employees

Pravin Dabhani

Dearness Allowance DA Table pdf and Excel sheet

Expensive Allowance Difference Bill has been announced for Gujarat Government employees. The difference is how much you owe according to the bill. The pdf and excel sheet as per its calculation is placed here. You can calculate your Arias bills accordingly.

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 Good News About DA Arious and Diwali Bonus for Gujarat Government Employees

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Good news for Gujarat government employees after a long time Gujarat government has decided to pay long pending pending difference bill to employees and give Diwali bonus to class-4 employees Announcing that both Moghwari difference bill and Diwali bonus will be paid before Diwali He has done.

Employees of Gujarat Government Employees Expenditure Difference Bill was due at the time of Bill 2019 Six months Expenditure Difference Bill was due to be paid The decision has been taken by the State Government. Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel has also announced to give Diwali bonus to class-4 employees.

The state government has given gifts to the employees before the Diwali festivities. The state government has announced to give the remaining dearness allowance to the employees of the organization receiving the government grant including the employees and officers.

Announcing this, DyCM Nitin Patel said that the inflation allowance was to be paid for 01 month 2019 to 06 months but the government postponed the payment of allowance due to reduction in government revenue due to Corona. But now that all activities have resumed, the revenue of the state government has increased.

Nitin Patel said that government employees were owed a total of 06 months dearness allowance. Out of which currently 03 months dearness allowance will be paid. On the other hand, the state government has also announced a bonus of up to Rs 3,500 for Class-IV employees.

Source by Gujarat Samachar


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