Matter of hiring teachers under ccc-2.0.

Pravin Dabhani

 Matter of hiring teachers under ccc-2.0.

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Teachers at the Command and Control Cell conduct state level monitoring through Teacher Attendance, Student Attendance, Periodic Assessment Test, Therapeutic Teaching as well as various online applications.

As per reference (1), the Director, Office of the Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar, as per the order received on single file, from reference (2), the office of the Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar has directed the office here to take up the services of teachers under ccc-2.0. 2) According to the meeting was organized at the State Examination Board, Gandhinagar. In this regard, respect to the single file of the State Examination Board dated 01/08/2071. The following action will be taken after getting the approval of the Secretary, Primary and Secondary Education.

The new version of the state-run command and control cell, CCC. 3.0 is going to take shape and a lot of technical projects will be added starting from Artificial Intelligence dimensions.

Pursuant to which online proposal for teachers who want to rejoin the work of teachers working in government primary schools of the state at ccc-2.0 from 10/03/2081 to 30/04/2071

Eligibility of Candidate - Provision

1. Must be a teacher of primary school run by district panchayat / municipality.

2. Five years experience will be able to apply. sal

3. CRCC-BRCC-SI may apply.

 4. HTAT teachers will be able to apply.

5. The teacher has to upload Noc as per the prescribed form of SMC of the school where he is currently on duty.

6. This appointment will be treated as a performance fair. Salary will be levied at the original school. The place of this teacher in the original school should be left vacant.

1, TA-DA vacation will not be available,

8. This appointment will be made for 1 year but if the performance is not satisfactory, the appointment of ccc will be canceled.

- Teachers who are eligible to appear in Phase-II should be informed about their work, knowledge and

A face-to-face interview will be held to consider the approach which will have 50 marks. The merit list of the state level will be made on the basis of the marks of the teachers present in three stages. Of this merit

On the basis of the work order will be issued by the Director, Office of the Director of Primary Education, Gandhinagar. If this teacher does not show up at ccc in 3 days, other orders will be issued on the basis of waiting list.

- The number of super numerical teachers:

• Preference will be given to teachers who are currently under super number. But these teachers are the first stage

In order to appear in the second stage test after the examination, one has to get the eligibility as shown in stage-3 and at least 5% marks should have been obtained in the computer skill test.

• Teachers who are in the establishment of 1st to 8th and under current slaying if they are included in 6th to 8th or teachers who are in the establishment of Std. 6th to 8th and currently under slaying if they are included in standard 1 to 8 Will not be considered super numerical. This means that teachers who are currently under siege and are not included in any department in any of their schools will be considered super numerical under this circular for performance fair as the orders of these teachers are not affecting the performance of the school but these teachers are in Phase-1 and 2. Must be eligible to attend.

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