Banaskantha Jillafer camp Paripatra 4/6/2021.

Pravin Dabhani

 Banaskantha Jillafer camp Paripatra 4/6/2021.

Banaskantha Jillafer camp on 15 and 16 June 2021 at Uttampura Dangiya Primary School Uttampura.

For 1 to 5 Teachers Camp  date : 15/6/2021

For 6 to 8 Teachers Camp Date : 16/6/2021

Place : Utampura Dangiya Primary school, Uttampura, Dantiwada Taluka.

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Read all deatils In Gujarati : Click Here

All District Jillafer seniority list : Click Here 

Banaskantha Jillafer camp Paripatra 4/6/2021.

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