Corona mahamari ma ek Vali mrutyu pamaya hoy teva valine masik 2000 ₹ ni sahay chukavva babat

Pravin Dabhani

Corona mahamari ma ek Vali mrutyu pamaya hoy teva valine masik 2000 ₹ ni sahay chukavva babat

Corona ma ketlak balko na mata pita banne nu avsan thayel chhe. Mata pita banne nu avsan thayel hoy temana mate mukhy mantri Bal seva yojana chalu chhe. Parantu ek vali nu avsan thayel hoy teva kissa ma masik 2000 ₹ chukavvanu nakki karvama aavyu chhe. Aa mate balkona account kholava babat karyvahi karva mate jan karvama aavi chhe.

Many people have lost their lives in the worldwide epidemic of corona, some have lost their beloved soybeans, some have lost a brother, sister or husband or wife.

The epidemic has left many children destitute, with some children losing the protection of both parents, while some children have lost the protection of either parent or guardian. Concerned about the care, protection, education and health of children who have lost both their parents during such a difficult time, the state government has announced a "Mukhya Mantri Bal Seva Yojana" for children who have lost their parents and become destitute.

But the state government is also considering providing assistance to children who have lost a guardian, so children with such a guardian have to pay Rs. The state government has decided to provide assistance of Rs. And respect the amount of this assistance. Online DBT on 02/08/2021 by the Chief Minister. The plan to pay through is the launcher.

Therefore, it is necessary to immediately open a bank account for the children with such a guardian. For this, you will hand over the responsibility to different officers in the district from your level and make arrangements for opening children's accounts in day 3.

Registration for corona vaccine at

For cowin Vaccination registration please open this website 

For Registration :

Write your Mobile Number.

give otp and fill your details. Check slot and choose date and time.

You can also Registration on Arogya setu App and Umang Portal.

Download Arogya setu Application : Click Here

GoI’s app to connect health services with the people of India to fight COVID-19

Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.

Enter your area's pincode number and check at your nearest Vaccine Center

Important Link

Namaste 🙏  

This is the *Government of India's Corona Helpdesk* to create awareness and help you and your family stay safe. For any emergency, please contact 👇

📞 *011-23978046*

☎️ *1075*

✉️ **

*For the safety of self, society and country, please download Aarogya Setu Mobile App and keep Bluetooth on!*


Please choose from the following options 👇

*1.* COVID Vaccination - Centres and Authentic Information

*2.* Latest Update and Alerts on Coronavirus

*3.* Professional advice and ways to improve immunity

*4.* Together We Can - Success Stories

*5.* Positive harmonies

*6.* Facts Checker - authenticate news

*7.* What is Coronavirus and what are its symptoms

*8.* How to reduce the risk of Coronavirus? 

*9.* Where to get help - National & State Level  

💡 Tip: You can type *1*, *2*, *3*, *4*, *5*, *6*, *7*, *8*, *9* to make a selection of the menu options.

👉 हिंदी में भाषा बदलने के लिए, कृपया टाइप करें *हिंदी* या *Hindi*

*1.* COVID Vaccination - Centres Related Information

*2.* COVID Vaccination - Authentic Information

👉Type *Menu* to view the Main Menu

Please type-in 6 digit Postal PIN CODE

Nearby vaccination centers for the shared pincode is as per below:

*Center:  1) Palanpur UHC 2*

     4-May (33 slots for 45+)

     5-May (43 slots for 45+)

     6-May (46 slots for 45+)

     7-May (50 slots for 45+)

     8-May (47 slots for 45+)

*Center:  2) Urban Center - 2 Covexin*

     4-May (46 slots for 45+)

*Center:  3) Urban 1 Palanpur Covaxin*

     4-May (4 slots for 45+)

*Center:  4) Palanpur UHC 1*

     4-May (9 slots for 45+)

*Center:  5) Dhanpura PHC AMIRGADH*

     4-May (50 slots for 45+)

     5-May (49 slots for 45+)

     8-May (50 slots for 45+)


     4-May (100 slots for 45+)

*Center:  7) Chitrasani PHC PALANPUR*

     4-May (1 slots for 18+)

     5-May (44 slots for 45+)

     8-May (49 slots for 45+)

For registration, please visit 

 Re-enter another PINCODE for a different location. 

 👉 Type *Menu* to view the Main Menu

Follow these steps to get the information of the nearest vaccination center through WhatsApp • First save +919013151515 in your phone. • Now go to WhatsApp chat and type Namaste, hello or hi. The chatbot will then respond. The chatbot will ask for your 6 digit pincode. Type it and press Enter. ર After entering, you will get the information of your nearest vaccination center. It will contain information on government and private vaccination centers. • Also know how many slots are vacant for which edge group. ટ Chatbot will also send you a registration link to book an appointment. If you do not want to save the number in WhatsApp to get information through chatbot then This website can connect with due direct chatbot. In this chatbot with the vaccination center, updates, information including professional advice to increase immunity, measures to reduce the risk of corona virus can be obtained.

Enter your area's pincode number and check at your nearest Vaccine Center.

 It will also show information on how many slots are vacant at which center on which date.

Information of new feature launched on whatsapp by the government

Apeksha Mardiya, who is studying in the second year of MBBS at Government Medical College, Rajkot, was assigned to Kovid Hospital at Samaras Hostel, run by the Gujarat government. As a medical college student, tasks such as administering medicine to a patient, measuring oxygen, observing patients, helping a patient shift, etc. were assigned to the expectation.

A tragic event happened in Apeksha's family. Her father died on April 6. While still recovering from the trauma of her father's death, on April 10, her mother was also killed by a black corona. In the absence of parents in the family of 4 people, originally from Manavadar and now living in Rajkot, the responsibility of the family fell on the 20-year-old daughter along with her brother who was studying in 10th standard.

Even after losing her parents, the daughter returned to her duties. Mr. Charansinh Gohil, the officer on duty, allowed his daughter to stay at home if she wanted to stay at home but she refused to stay at home and joined her duty and started treating coronary patients.

When Apeksha was asked why such a tragic incident took place at home, why did you come back to duty? No one even told you to return to duty. The daughter replies, 'No one else like me has to lose the umbrella of parents, so I have started treating patients with coronary heart disease. I don't think there's a better way to pay tribute to my parents than this. When a young sister in a Samaras hostel needed a ventilator, I was given the responsibility to shift her to Civil, so I shifted her to Civil in the shortest possible time and she survived. By saving people's lives, I will be instrumental in bringing peace to my Father's soul. '

He is expected to become a doctor in 3 years, but he is still the best doctor today.

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