July mahinama Increment chhodva babat Important Circular

Pravin Dabhani

 July mahinama Increment chhodva babat Important Circular

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Thus apparently only Carrie is seen lying. But with Kerry, many hopes and dreams have come true, nowhere to be seen! Mango was not the only mango that many people's hopes were hanging on. Thus, the days of reckoning were left for all the hopes and plans to be fulfilled. But the whole thing went awry. All dreams come true at a tender age! For the farmer, it is the only crop that survives. And so no one understands what it is like to be in pain when one's existence comes to an end. The farmer's survival was cut short by yesterday's hurricane. Early in the morning, as if he had become accustomed to seeing his existence on the ground, he began to unite the broken and torn mangoes with instinctive acceptance. Every farmer collecting mangoes lying on the ground was collecting his existence scattered on the ground. Grooming day and night is like taking care of a small child and taking care of the crop. There is nothing left to do to make a tree from a small graft. After planting a small plant (graft) an event becomes certain and that event means the slow growth of the plant towards youth and the growth of the farmer in making it big ... who knows how many years it takes to grow a tree Is. And what else happens if he sees his son like Juvanjodh tree lying on the ground and his chest is not torn? Dhartiputra no putra aam akale mari parvare e kem kari sahan thay

The reality is that the farmer does not farm to get rich. They cultivate for the sake of survival. Just as he has an understanding of what to plant and what not to plant in the field, he naturally knows how and how many dreams to sow in his own eyes. It is understandable how much force there is in the statue of a man who can give the status of a tree to a small seed. But when the chest of a man who plows the land and produces crops is pierced, he complains to God. But the thought comes that what to complain to him and how much to complain? This seems to be the case every time. When there is a crop, there is not enough price and when there is a price, there is not enough crop and maybe when there are both, unfortunately, such a calamity will come and arise! Well, if you sit down, it will happen because this is the daily routine for it. And even a tree that can sit like this will sit down by itself ... The greatest injustice happens to humanity when it is pushed into. It does not need mercy. The farmer does not know how to be poor. How can a man who produces water from a stone become poor and live! I don't like it but I like giving it. Maybe that's why if you go to the farm of such a farmer who has suffered a terrible loss, he will give you a bag of mangoes from the surviving crop and will not even take the money. However, capitalist society drives such people crazy. But to be honest, the world is surviving so beautifully only if there are so-called crazy people. There is no loss in this world for the poor who get out of the remaining Rs 50 lakh and reduce the car by ₹ 50.

The first rain is said to bring a thrill. The first drop of rain is the first thing that touches the earth and the heart of the farmer. This time it may not have happened. The first drop of rain fell on the house via the farmer's eye, which is why this rain got the status of non-seasonal rain. I don't have the ability to give courage to my son. I have to pay homage to him. I have to salute his devotion ... his endurance ... and his passion to sit again ... all salutations to every such farmer .... Jai Kisan

The best heritage to give to our children is culture, education and values. Out of all these, the awareness towards education is good. We are committed to educating our children to the best of our ability, even if we spend a lot of money. However, seeing so much awareness for education makes one happy. But along with education, are we really so concerned, aware or committed to passing on the legacy of culture and values ​​to our children or future generations? If we think calmly, the answer is probably no. We are all interested in our progress, our economic prosperity. Alas, it does not matter if progress and prosperity increase. But are our efforts and ways to increase it clean? What is the use of success achieved by harming one's personal or national interest? It is not a success but a ploy. Our path to progress must be selfless and clean. Our children see the shortcut to success; Watching. Our craze for success at any cost is doomed to fail. Our offspring are observing our habits. He is learning a lot from us. The time has come for us to be aware and conscious of what we are passing on to our children.

Neglect of culture and values ​​is a form of social global warming. From which no one can escape. The side effects of this neglect have already begun to be talked about. We are going to create a hell-like situation for our future generations. There will be a lot of chaos in a society without rites, culture and values. Our children must be the victims directly and indirectly. All the splendor without rites, culture and values ​​is going to be useless. The effect of all our shortcut experiments is going to be on us.


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