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What do you want Old Pension Scheme or New Pension Scheme ?

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"Hey sir! I see you on Vande Gujarat channel. Are you the same sir? I see you on TV." - A child spoke smiling and embarrassed.  "Yeah! You know. Very nice."  - Kalpeshbhai replied to the child with a smile.  "Hey sir, why don't I recognize you? Your lesson is also coming. You have also written the 'Pujya Mota' lesson in Std-9. I have also read that lesson. I like that lesson very much."  - The child started a reciprocal conversation.  "But what standard do you study?"  "I'm in third grade."  Then the child also had a new discussion with Kalpeshbhai.

Kalpeshbhai is one of the best teachers.  Also a true writer.  His contribution in the field of literature has also been commendable and commendable.  Continuing to learn and teach, Kalpeshbhai is simple, candid and cheerful by nature.  He also talked to Muktam lightly with that child.  Respecting the child's wishes, a selfie was also captured on camera.  The boy's face lit up with joy.

     I have just witnessed this small incident that took place in a literary workshop.  The child's smartness and Kalpeshbhai's ease of recognizing one among the many were heartwarming.

    We walk a little after dinner every evening.  This is our daily routine.  A little lightness is enough;  At the same time physical health is also maintained.  So let's take a short walk every day.  In this winter, walking is more effective.  Sometimes daughter Diya also joins.  It is getting cold at night.  Then walking is more convenient.

     Now we went for a walk as per the routine.  Daughter Dia also joined.  Puppies were spotted playing along the way.  They were running around.  She was happy to see the puppies and gave birth to a daughter.  She started playing with him.  She took a puppy in her hand and caressed it.  Playing with the puppies for about five minutes.  Playing a little but playing with the mind full.  She resigned.  After a while he put the puppy down.  We started walking again.

     Then he started talking and asking questions about these puppies.  "Dad, why are these puppies so colorful? Where does he live? He doesn't feel cold? Where does he go if he feels cold? What does he do in the cold? Where did his mother go?"  Something like this started asking many questions.  Like a barrage of questions!  I also calmly answered all her questions.  Informed her of all the things about the puppy.  My childhood memories also bit.  She listened to everything with her ears and mind.  The joy of playing with puppies was evident on her face.  He said, "Dad, now I come for a walk every day."

    As he slept through the night, he asked again, "Daddy, is the puppy's mom here? Is she asleep? Does she feel cold? Let's give her a hug."  He was still thinking of those puppies.  Talking about puppies till nowhere.  I kept feeding his amazement and curiosity.  Eventually she fell asleep with joy, satisfaction to Rajipo.


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