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 Vipulbhai was very sad.  What does he do even if he does nothing?  What to say to Alpesh?  He believes that he is the son of one and the wife of Anne's convent culture which is full of knowledge from all over the world.  She has understood Vaibhav as such a flower of her garden that she is not allowed to go out to play or make any friends.


 To advise him is to invite one's own humiliation by hand.  He himself was the grandfather of glory.  Like all grandparents, we wanted to tell stories to our grandchildren.  He sings nursery rhymes with her, but he is not interested in teaching his modern daughter-in-law Vartika "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ...".  If a child sings a Gujarati song, what is his reputation?  The children of all the sisters study in English medium and also speak in English.  His aim was to make his son Vaibhav achieve all the best.

 Vipulbhai remembered that when he was young, his grandparents not only told stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Panchatantra etc. but also explained the meaning of reciting a shrok from the Bhagavad Gita before going to bed.  As a result, he knew many Shroko meanings of the Gita.  That is why it is believed that any confusion can be solved from our scriptures. But the belief that no language is good except English was instilled in Vaibhav from an early age.  Not all parents have the stubbornness to speak English to their son.  So that the children felt good in speaking Gujarati.

 It often happens that the child goes out, playing the game of thappo, bhamrado, gilli danda with the same siblings.

 Where did Vartika like all this?  He wanted to make the child smarter.  Getting a five-year-old child up early to go to tuition class in the morning.  Come from tuition or immediately give him bread butter for breakfast.  Sometimes there is pizza or cake for breakfast. Sometimes there is fruit jam.

 It often happens that Vipulbhai gives a handful of home-made nutritious bread for breakfast.  Feed fresh fruits instead of fruit jam. Give us homemade mash or marmalade instead of various sauces.  Once he told his daughter-in-law about it, he cashed in on her, saying, "You don't know anything. You just sit at home quietly. The time has come. You don't come high from bhakri pickles."  However, as a punishment, he had to eat pizza burgers for two days.  Vaibhav comes from school or has breakfast and goes straight to karate class.  From there go to learn drawing work.  Coming and sitting on the ground to do homework.  Disgust is evident on the face of luxury.  But Vartika's BK can't say anything.

 To live according to the wishes of mom and dad in luxury!  Vipulbhai himself wondered how many times he had climbed and fallen on the tree.  But Vaibhav was not even allowed to ride a bicycle.  Maybe if it falls!  Glory is how late you learn.  Anne's mom kept her in her lap so the doctor showed her and said, "Let her go."

 Vartika was always scared that my baby would fall!

 Vaibhav used to come to put the driver in the car while his brothers were riding the scooter.  Even at school, he would get on the school bus when his friends came by bicycle.  While the school was very close.  Slowly her friends said, "Don't do what your mom told you to do."

 Vaibhav thought his friends' words were true but his mother loved him so much that he could not resist.

 Dad used to say, "You don't have to worry about anything. We have a lot of money. All this is yours. You don't have to suffer from anything."

 However, he did not have time to think about what to call grief or difficulties.  If he reads late at school when it is exam time, his parents will also stay awake.  Going to her room and saying over and over again, "Don't wake up too much. Save your health. A few percent less will work".  Vipulbhai used to say that we graduated in our time.  The parents found out when they got the job.  No one in the house knows on what basis the rest of the child is studying.

 On the day of the result, he says, "Well done,

 Just spoiled the year.  "

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