GSQAC School Inspector (SI) Recruitment Notification || Gunotsav 2.0

Pravin Dabhani

 GSQAC School Inspector Recruitment Notification

For School accreditation School inspector are apointed in Gujarat.

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GSQAC School Inspector (SI) Recruitment Notification || Gunotsav 2.0

Also known as the Accreditation Program Merit 20 100.  This is an important initiative by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat to improve the quality of school education.  The purpose of this program is to evaluate the schools as per the established norms in all the schools and to provide a help to the school for quality improvement.  Helping schoolchildren in developing the School Development Manjina and following it to ensure goodwill in the educational aspects of the school.

 In the school edition process, Fail Inspectors will be the decisive person who will ensure that the injection evaluation of the schools assigned to them can be done impartially and in accordance with the prescribed procedure.  Viti has been given to him.71 Bar Code of Original Inspectors

 The responsibilities of school inspectors (5) in the plan d.  It is important that they adhere to the school code of conduct.  In order to ensure a fair and conclusive outcome from this process, it is essential that the Khashar Khachar Samhita given by the Sen School Inspectors So be sanctified.  Ma Da must strictly follow the following code of conduct Before school visit (for accreditation)

 .  Once the school is allotted, she will have to contact the head teacher / in-charge just one day before the school visit as she does not have to contact any other teacher in the school.  According to the guidelines provided in the guidelines under Gunotsav 2, the two head teachers will have to complete the assessment process to the senior teacher of the school.

While interacting with students at the school as part of the accreditation process, Dr. A.  The safety guidelines must be followed

 Dr. A must ensure that no one other than the students and school staff is present at the school during the accreditation process.  Apart from the permission of Mr. DPEO, education department officials should also avoid going to school during the process.

 SMC Chair Members of SMC and other community members are not required to attend school.  Regarding the discussions to be held with the members of the School Management Committee, Dr. A must ensure that the members of the School Management Committee should be called for discussion only when it is convenient to be present for the discussion.  Not all SMC members are expected to be present.

 Dr. has to make sure that he only observes the class while observing the classroom and does not disturb the classroom.  No one is allowed inside the classroom except the teacher and the students in the classroom at the time of classroom inspection.  Cut during classroom teaching is not to make any kind of comment

 DA will only have to conduct assessment as per Standard Operating Prices (C).  Out of 50

 Any change would be taken seriously.  Da will only have to complete her work during school hours.  Students will have to drop out of school after school hours. You can't stop the head teacher and school staff after school hours.

 Once the school accreditation process is complete, the student will meet with the school staff and explain the next steps in the process.  Any two of his negative personal responses must be avoided.

 At the end of the inspection at the school, the evaluator should see to it that the assessment form is completed in full.  Documents etc.) Preserved.  Of such Kuvami school

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