No.1 online pashu mela app for buffalo & cow buy & sell without any commission

Pravin Dabhani

 No.1 online pashu mela app for buffalo & cow buy & sell without any commission

Animall app is completely free online animall mela.  In this Pashu Mandi or Pashu Market we don't charge any commison.  

If you are an animall seller to get animal buyers on our pashu mela , you need to enter your animall or pashu details on the animall app . You have to enter details such as breed of the cow/ buffalo , milk capacity etc.

If you are an animall buyer to get an animal on pashu mela, you can find what ever cow , buffalo you are looking for. We have more pashu than any pashu mandi in the world. 

Important Link

Download Application : Click Here 

List of features:

1. Sell your pashu or animal, Every day thousands of animals are being sold on animall. 

2. Buy a pashu or animal, this is the easiest way to buy a pashu. 

3. Ask pashu doctor your cow , buffalo related questions . India's top animal doctors are on our online pashu mela app. 

4. Ask and engage with other dairy farmers , How to increase milk of your cow and buffalo, what cattle feed should you give etc, 

No need to travel to offline pashu mandi when you can buy and sell all types of animals or pashu including cow or gaay  , buffalo or bhains , bachhiya gaay or heifer cow , jhotee bhains or heifer buffalo ,  bool or male cow,  bhainsa or male buffalo and many others. 

Online Marketplace to Buy & Sell Animals

Animal Sales is a completely FREE app for buying and selling farm animals. In this virtual Pashu Mandi or Pashu Market, we do not charge any commission. We're spread across India. Various breeds of Sheep, Goat, Chicken, Cow, Buffalo, and Camels are available at your fingertips without going to a crowded marketplace. A truly 'MADE IN INDIA' app.

Selling on our app is as easy as 1,2,3

- Submit an advert with details about your farm animals

- Get your posting approved by us in less than 24 hours

- You're all set. Just sit back and relax while a potential buyer contacts you.

Some of the unique feature of our app:

1. List of animals that are sorted according to the user location.

2. The list of animals can be filtered as per user preferences.

3. Information on animals sold by the user.

5. Chat feature to chat between the buyer and user.

Terms & Condition:

Please read this carefully before using our app.

1. Never talk to anyone who insists on sending you money first without seeing your animal. Most probably it's a SCAM. Such customers will send you a bar code or QR code to scan it. Do not engage with such customers.

2. The right buyer will always come to see your animal first, only then you will give money.

3. Block such people and immediately report to us.

Animal Sale is a medium for connecting the buyer and seller. We do not charge any money for selling or buying on our platform. All transactions made by you outside the application are your own responsibility. 

Pets marketplace is trusted your pet sell, buy & adopt store online near mart!

Save your time and money for buying, selling and adoption your beautiful pet!

Looking to sell your cute pet or buy or adopt or want to gift a cute pet your lover or kids or your family, then this pets marketplace is the new best pet animal’s mart app for you! Pet buyers are searching pets for buying or adopt a reared animal. Pet breeder or sellers are trying to sell the pet. Pets marketplace app is solving the problem. Take your reared animal photos and upload with statement. And you can also discover what others around pets are selling in your neighborhood. So easy to use these pets marketplace app. Download now this real reared animals world for buying, selling and adoption your favorite pet.

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To give you an idea, here are some of the awesome things you can do with the Pets Marketplace App:

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- Easy to post pets ad listing

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- More easy to find the adoption pets

- Show kinds of pet category on screen

- And many more

Pets are good for our health. So, buy today your specific favorite cute pet-med or gift a pet to your favorite person without any hesitation. Download the exotic animals or pet shopping & adoption app totally free! 

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