Standard 3 to 8 Old question Papers for Preparation.

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Standard 3 to 8 Old question Papers for Preparation.


Often Wondered Question

Have you ever wondered if eggs are considered vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Some people think eggs are non-vegetarian because they come from chickens. But scientists have finally answered this question, although not everyone agrees with their findings.

So Milk is Vegetarian Too?

Vegetarians argue that since eggs come from chickens, they must be non-vegetarian. But think about it - milk also comes from animals, so does that make it non-vegetarian too?

Eggs in the Market

Many people believe that eggs are non-vegetarian because they think baby chicks come out of them. But the truth is, the eggs you find in the market are unfertilized, meaning they will never hatch into chicks. Scientists have confirmed that these eggs are actually vegetarian.

Scientific Explanation

Eggs have three parts - the yolk, the white, and the eggshell. Research shows that only the egg white contains protein, with no animal parts in it. So technically, egg whites are considered vegetarian.

Non-Vegetarian Aspect

On the other hand, the egg yolk contains cholesterol, fat, and protein, which are considered non-vegetarian because they come into contact with the chicken's gamete cells. But remember, this only happens in fertilized eggs, not the ones you buy at the store.

How Do Chickens Hatch Eggs?

Hens start laying eggs after about 6 months and lay them every 1-1.5 days. But here's the thing - hens don't need to be near a rooster to lay eggs. These unfertilized eggs will never hatch into chicks, according to scientists.

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