1. Government of India has made rules for complying with traffic rules. These rules are being implemented in different states in different states.Such traffic rules were relaxed for some time by the Government of Gujarat and some time was given to the people of the state of Gujarat to comply with these rules.  It has been ordered by the Government of Gujarat and the Commissioner of Police to abide by the rules.  People who live on the 2nd of November, seems not to those who do not obey these rules do not wear those helmetsOr, those who do not follow the rules of traffic, do not keep their vehicle or their own carts with them.  Those people will be charged a penalty which means they will be treated as such.  Then again we have applied these rules to the people of Gujarat which is only for the safety of the people of Gujarat. If we follow the rules of traffic from today, the people of Gujarat should follow these rules and for their own safety, these rules have been enacted by the Government of Gujarat.  If the people of Gujarat do not comply with these rules on the first and second dates, then you should be fined for violating the rules.  Information that should be prepared for the Government or the Police Commissioner would each have been given to all police officers in the state of Gujarat A letter has been issued on behalf of Ahmedabad Police Inspector Shri stating that on the 1st and 2nd December, the same drivers should be charged fines from drivers who did not comply with the traffic rules and details of the fine they were charged.
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