Gujarat National Primary Education Selection Committee, Gandhinagar Set up Information (as of 31/ 08/2018)

Gujarat National Primary Education Selection Committee, Gandhinagar  Set up   Information  (as of 31/ 08/2018
The head teacher was recruited by the Government of Gujarat in the primary schools of Gujarat.At the time when these head teachers were recruited, the Government of Gujarat did not make any rule when they were recruited as Head Teacher Class III, which has a maximum number of 6 to 8 in the school and the maximum number is 6 to 8.  Recruitment of Head Teachers within the school but since then the Government has recently enforced the rule that the standard 1 to 5 within the schools is 150  In many such schools, all the principal teachers of the school having six numbers and the lowest number in grades 1 through 5 are located in the state of Gujarat, which is less than 1 within the schools and no less than grades 1 through 5.From now on, as per the new policy of the Government of Shri, a new maxim will be considered as the head teacher of all the schools within the schools which are less than 150 in Std.  Which has been above the maximAs of 31 8 2019, how many principal teachers are working in the state of Gujarat and how many principal teachers have fluctuated.
Establishment of Head Teacher Class ૩ as of 31/8/2019The recruitment of the head teacher by the Government of Gujarat was done in primary schools in two ways; both direct recruitment and recruitment of many head teachers. Both of them were kept and recruited. Now with this recruitment, many head teachers have to grow according to the new rules.  When questions arise, how many head teachers do not have teachers in which district in the state of Gujarat, as of 1/3/5, by the government?  Mehakama to be drawn out once in a list, click on the link below to read a list of released

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