Folk cultural heritage of Gujarat

Folk cultural heritage of Gujarat

This book will prove to be a boon for the students who are preparing for the competitive exam. This book has a very insightful understanding of the cultural heritage of Gujarat, where there are paintings of good fun where needed and also using pictures to give an explanation of the cultural heritage of Gujarat.  It has come to be that every person of Gujarat is familiar with his culture  So this book has been created

The fiery folk life of Garvi Gujarat means that with the geographical situation, the folk nails that provide a home to the beauty of art, cultural heritage and splendor sculpture are going on in celebration of the golden anniversary of Gujarat.  According to the traditions and festivals of the festivals, the art of painting is important  Intimacy and decoration of traditions murals celebrate human lifeThe state of Gujarat is celebrating 50 years of its glorious and glorious career, Gujarat is blessed with the color of joy.  There are five and a half crore Gujaratis who have joined the art culture of Gujarat for thousands of years.  Folklife has a legacy of folk culture and folk art.Gujarat's earth has preserved natural beauty through natural separation of hands. For many thousands of years, the sea culture and the tribal culture have been created between the mountainous forest and the net on the coast of the Saurashtra earth for thousands of years.  Tourists come here to sing and enjoy the land of Gujarat  Ujarati country to country folk are proud to create a festive fair in Falasa.Today, the book is prepared with the intention of introducing a glorious heritage when the Alok heritage is slowly disappearing. It is equally necessary for the new generation of children to take an interest in inheritance.  Pictorial architecture and murals depicting handwritten potholes of entertaining tribes  Aboriginal mural refer to folk embroidery, etc.
This book has been prepared from the Information Department of the Government of Gujarat, which has been named as the cultural heritage of Gujarat.
For students who are preparing for competitive exams, this book will prove to be a boon for students.
Click on the link below to download this book on Gujarat's folk culture

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