Monthly rollout OctoberMonthly leaflets are to be distributed at the end of the month for all primary schools of Gujarat state and high schools and secondary and upper secondary elementary schools. From now on, these monthly leaflets are available online.  Number of children to writeMonthly sheets are a process in which the number of children is displayed as the total population of the village.By filling the monthly leaflet by the end of the month, in which standard, how many children are there at the end of the month?  So this time in the monthly rollout this time when the online process is done monthlyDetails of the working days are also displayed at the end of this month. Each time the total of each month is to be displayed at the end of the monthly leaflet, ie how many days were the festival days, how many days were lasted.  That is why the process of all these kinds of arrivals on Sunday is to show the number of days of all kinds in the monthly roll
When the monthly rollout of October has now begun to fill in the holidays, many principals do not have the information as this information can only be obtained on the basis of teachers' attendance sheets.Now the Principal Friends who are in their hometown will not have trouble filling the monthly forms.With such a good intention I have been able to present to you the monthly roll .How many days is a Sunday, how many days is a working day, how many days of training is how many days I have to fill in.So that it is easier for all Acharyan friends to fill the monthly leaflet. Acharya friends who are away from their job ie in their home country, can easily fill their monthly leaflet as soon as they get this information as all the details of the monthly leaflet are the same.  If your numbers do not fluctuate, then there is no change, but only because there is a change in the working day and with such a good intention.
Click here to know Holiday Days Training Days and Festival Days in the Fill October Monthly Sheet.

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