Information on pensions

Information on pensions

Government employees pay pension to the employee when the state government retires age

The functioning of the Director Pension and Provident Fund

1.To authorize the pension cases of class one, two and three employees of the state government

2.Maintain gpf accounts of Class-IV employees of the State Government

3.To keep accounts of the building construction and vehicle payroll allocated to the employees of the State Government.

 4. maintain accounts of the new enhanced pension scheme.

Address of this office website

Types of Pensions

1.Age Retirement pension 

2.Retirement pension

3.Family pension 

4. Impossible pension 

5. Compassionate pension 

6. Wound or injury pension 

7. Service grejyuitee

Pension calculated
 age retirement (58 years to 60 years).  

Must have at least 10 years pension eligible service


1.Half the amount of the pension last 10/20/36 monthly average

2.100% pension for 33 years of service

3.33 varsh karata proportion if less service

Pension payment

The pension which is authorized byThe pension which is authorized by the office and the local fund office is paid first by the district treasury office

For which the District Treasury generation of the concerned pension will have to appear for the first time, 
then it is done through mental bank.  
Deposits are made when pensions are revised in the pension account  Deposit amount is deposited by the treasury office
 and is required to issue a certificate confirming that once a year, either by July or September
the pensioner under the age of fifty will have to give the pensioner's certificate of non-marrying pension to the employee.  
Restatement of pension converted into cash at the end of 15 years from the date of conversion  Su is

Pension is paid by the Government Treasury Office to all the government employees who are retired by the Government Shri.  All the information is in this file.Whenever any of the employees of Gujarat or the Central Government retires at the time of retirement or voluntary retirement, he has not violated any law and has to submit a certificate stating that all the jobs have been satisfactorily fulfilled.  When they retire, they receive different types of pensions  Found that pension benefits of light that is how to get them to calculate the gratuity.

How to calculate the pension provided by Shri Shri Govt and click on the link below to know the pension and full details.

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