The government has declared a paper on setting up of an environmental laboratory to make environment education more effective through activity based education in all primary and secondary schools in the state.  In the second step  At the same time, the government feels that it is necessary to implement a novel experiment at the school level to promote awareness of the environment through the activities of the students studying in schools.  Computer Laboratory for Live Computer Education in the State  Similarly, as the yoga school is available, the education department has been set up by the Government of Gujarat to set up an environmental laboratory for environmental education in all the primary and secondary schools of the state.  Establish an eco club in all the schools of the state for the purpose of giving  Is transported.As the computer laboratory for computer education and laboratory for mathematical science education are available in the state, the Education Department has been set up by the Government of Gujarat to set up a practical laboratory for environmental education in all primary and secondary schools of the state.  And can breed it  In order to accelerate the activities of the environment, the Eco Club has been set up in all the schools of the State Government.  With this in the current year in the schools, ie selected in the schools after the taluka  Environment laboratory has been started in 6123 schools as per the list provided.According to the decision made on the USA File Number 2019 note for the War Eco Club, in view of the provision of funds available for the entire education, as shown under the grant of Education Department for financial support for the Environment Laboratory in the context of the laboratory.  Out of all the schools selected at Stage 1 to 5 schools except Private Schools  Rupees 5,000 per school for six to eight and level 1 to 8 for pond 1 thousand and standard 6 to 12 standard 6 to 10 standard 1 to 1 for 9 to 12 schools for 9 thousand 12 grants per school on priority basis.  The school related SMCs and allotments to be won through the district office will have to be used in accordance with the rules governing the allotment of grants allotted to the environment laboratory.  Will have to endure.To meet the financial expenditure for the Environment Laboratory at the district level and at the district level, other schemes will be implemented to make provision from the available funds and to coordinate with the officers of the concerned department at the district level as decided by the committee of the District Development Officer.  All b  Keep it necessary for the effective implementation of planned follow strictly.Most of the students studying in the state schools come from families belonging to the family in agriculture and dairy and livestock sector and are likely to earn a living by contributing to the sector in future, with the aim of increasing the rural income associated with the farming business so that the productivity of the based business is high.  So be this  Students will be familiar with biological and zero budget natural farming and they will learn about high quality farming by maintaining environment. Priority will also be given in environmental laboratory. Explaining the importance of biological and zero budget natural farming, students will be aware of its adverse effects on the environment of chemical fertilizer pesticides and in the future.  Will use and inspire others to do this  Planting and planting of horticultural crops Rainwater Harvesting, etc. To be used in a fully integrated way, it is used in Kitchen Garden Terrace Garden of Farming, single use plastic mukt.  Very important.Environmental Science in Primary and Secondary Education Environmental-related project work is also suggested in social sciences and other disciplines. It is also important to provide such environment that students can do such projects in the school.  Have to plan.


Establish awareness, attitudes, skills and participation among students through environmental education.2.Explain environment for project work at the school level.  Environmental nutrients and nutrients in life Placement of life at the grassroots level.

Activity that can be incorporated into the environment laboratory

Prepare a school nursery to raise silver and produce a vegetable plantation vision by Kitchen Garden Creating herbal garden Understanding the situation where rainwater harvesting and rain water harvesting system are available, a model of drip irrigation system is developed to explain its saving and integrity.  Training of Karni environment at the taluka level both educationally every year.

Click on the link below to read the paper about starting an Environment Laboratory

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