Periodical Timetable of the second semister

Periodical  Timetable of the second 

Every week in primary schools of the Government of GujaratA day is held every Saturday in the primary school of Gujarat government every Saturday.Like the last semester in the primary schools of Gujarat government, the government has planned to conduct the test every week of the year, when its timetable was released by the government.On the basis of this time table, 21 of every week ie Saturday of every week is planned in Government Primary Schools. This primary school is organized every Saturday and this test is provided to all schools by ssa.
According to this timetable, 21 will be organized on Saturday of each week. Different subjects are organized on different Saturdays. On Saturday, a test of each child is taken and a continuous and holistic evaluation is made on the basis of this case, on which the annual and semi-annual exams are evaluated.  The basis of this assessment is made on such weekly tests, when the Government of Gujarat gives  Turns out the test time table for the second session has been released.The second semester of 2019 has also been released in the timetable so anyone who needs this time table can download the timetable through it.The Government table this time table is released every Saturday and based on this time table the primary school of the state of Gujarat is organized. This test is known as Periodical Test.  The time table has been released and I want to help you find the survey using this time table in your school.  What can you do systematically to conduct a geodetic test for which a second semester of the next semester of a given country is presented to you so that you can do all the planningWith the help of a plan organized every Saturday, it is also possible to know how many units of children have been evaluated during the week, and teachers get information on how much children have received based on these assessments, as well as when the unit test is planned at the end of the unit test.  The agitation is evaluated by the teacher and re-evaluated by the fari test which causes the children to suffer  Yala comes to know which unit has left some children in the trash.When the second semester test of 2019 is planned by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, we have to conduct the survey in your school every week when the second semester or second semester test is organized here so that you can organize the survey in your school systematically.

Click the link below to download the 2019 Periodical Test Plan

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