Highlights of the training 
conducted through the BiSeg organized under the Reading Campaign organized on 16/11/19.


Under the campaign, a training was organized on the Vande Gujarat Channel from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on 16th November 2019 to explain the bhasha Deep program and various activities undertaken on behalf of teachers and students under this program.

The key issues to keep in mind are the teachers within the vanchan campaign

Reading with gratitude. 
The teacher provides the sample of the ideal reading to the children who are reading in the prayer meeting. 
Explain how the good news is read.  In prayer, information about various dignitaries can be provided as well as reading about their lives. Speed ​​limit can be determined by using a stopwatch on mobile for children.  
You can understand that reading is done at the right speed. 
 Will be able to.
If there is a correlation between reading speed and urge, we should be careful not to read for the sake of reading but to read the child with the meanings. Apart from this, the teacher is trying to bring out the child's creativity.
Children's conversation activity can be given in different ways to the same questions. Our medium can be our expectation of how the child responds not to give the correct answer but what the children think and understand in their own mind.  We try to find the answer as well as try to bring out the child's latent powers.  
We will try to know how much speed a child reads with a punctuation mark or if a child understands what he or she reads, whether or not the child reads, not just reads. 
 But the amount of meaning that comes with reading is very important, so it is very important that the child reads everything that he or she reads.
If the students studying in primary schools of Gujarat state can read reading steel, that is, if these children are studying with grasp, then no one can stop them from succeeding in any competitive exam.  That is to say, it is very important that a child reads with an inverted b.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the subject matter is the original language .A lot of research will also be conducted during this time.  Going to try to figure out how much speed reads within a period of time and how many words a child reads in a minute can make good sense.
This year, when the Gujarat government is celebrating the language as a year, our primary school children achieve a good breakthrough in the language, who understands what they read and understands what they read.  Not only do we read for the sake of reading, but in addition to reading, it is very important that these children can understand the subject.


23/11/2019 TO 3/4/2020

The main point and main purpose of the bhasadeep program is to light the lamp of other languages ​​by burning the name of the deep.

The activities of dialogue and dialogue are also included in the activities provided outside the school and on the basis of experience the students enjoy learning to pair sentences as well as discussing questions and answering questions with QR codes and through video.  There are also activities that give.
Imagination motivator.  Conversation.  
Opposing words.  
Recognize me  Word creation.  Guess the motivator.  
Synonyms. The picture also describes several activities such as creativity, 
which will be different for all activities based on these activities.  That child has to do that activity.
It is important to understand that the teacher of each subject must understand how to interpret in other subjects besides Gujarati. Thus, language education is one of the foundations of education of all subjects, unless the child reads with meaning.  To understand this, we are doing this program at this time and all the children in our school have collected all the children of Gujarat state  While we are going to try our best to read, 

you can click on the link below to see all the training points organized by BISEG and know all about these issues.

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