Eye test Mobile Application. its useful for check your eyes.

Pravin Dabhani
Eye test Mobile Application. its useful for check your eyes.

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Washing your hands and turning them over your eyes keeps your eyes healthy. Eating raw rice device is also very beneficial in Mitra Jyoti. Doing artificial hair dryer on the head is more beneficial for the eyes. Avoid such things as much as possible after sun and sunrise. After the corpse is floating, looking in front of the sun also damages the eyes. Excessive head restraint also advises to control the infectious disease. Infectious disease When it comes to the eyes, it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist doctor. Naturally our eyes will be brighter if we keep the vision and save the eye

Every day is an achievement of the whole life. To keep the eyes healthy, it is usually necessary to eat adequate amount of protein rich food. It seems that it is very important to wear good quality glasses to protect the eyes from heat. Friends, I suggest eye remedies that are handy and can be used in any way. Never wear spectacles when one is not obstructed, never look at sun-lit vehicles, lights, etc. Any chemical thing in hand, no end, no dirty handkerchief, no bad clothes, never touch the eyes of such a son, no rubbish in the eyes. If the hair is even after the particle or dust has fallen, never rub it on the eye and do not rub it, but close the eye so that the garbage will come to the corner, but not after that. Keep the light driver with the hand on the open eye and hit it repeatedly. It will automatically come out of your eyes in the same way, ie with tears, wind gusts, wind, fine sand, etc., to wear spectacles on the eyes, to do any kind of experiment on the eyes without the advice of an expert doctor. Never sit with eyes open in front of a fan, cooler, etc. Never wear eyes with hot water. Never show too much hot water on the head. Excessive consumption of sour things and hot spices weakens the eyes. Garam masala OK. Light is a bright path and it is advisable for the eyes to be on the left side. When reading, there should be a distance of more than 30 cm between the eye and the book or mobile. Doing continuous work. When the eyes are tired with the body, close your eyes for some time. Keep it so that the fatigue of the eyes goes away. It is the night of the moon. Since it is towards the moon from eleven o'clock to Poonam, the brightness of the eyes is worthy. If you get Mathura or seeds as well as neem, you can get eye health by rubbing it in your eyes every night while sleeping. Also, the eye stays numberless. Ray is harmful. If welding is done somewhere, the light is too bright and it looks like it is shining. It is very important for the eyes not to look at it. It is very beneficial for the eyes to see anything that is green.

abc is because it can see the world so it is very important to take care of this. There are many small eye drops which are indispensable for every case. The ability to clean depends on how well all these Isha works with each other. The eyes have the ability to interact with each other to create the right vision. The two work together and do the right thing. Friends now know the first home remedy to get rid of eye problems. Gets redness in the eyes if it stays red. Eating fresh butter on three days increases the brightness of the eyes and also removes redness and inflammation of the eyes.

Eyelids on the eyes will be a kind of transition of the oil in the sinuses of the eyes which can be due to frequent makeup or other reasons. Usually the change and the main cause of the eyes can be and both sides can be the person through whom the understanding. The first is to get rid of the problem. Turmeric is a spice that is useful to get rid of all the diseases in your body. Turmeric is a very good medicine to get rid of eye drops. Take two cups of water in a bowl. And a teaspoon of turmeric and aloe vera gel in it. If you have aloe vera gel, it proves to be a home remedy for finger problems. The swelling and pain caused by applying tea is immediately removed and warmed and this i

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