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Mutual fund SIP calculator for investment. SIP planner to start SIP online

SIP in Mutual Funds is one of the ways to save money and invest. This easy SIP calculator helps you plan your SIP investments. With SIP calculator app you can see estimated gain across different mutual fund categories. You can see both SIP returns as well as one-time (lumpsum) returns.

What is SIP
SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan. With SIP you can invest a small amount into mutual funds on a monthly basis. This is preferable mode of investment for many especially salaried people.

What are the benefits of SIP
SIP is a way to invest into mutual funds as you can start investing in small amount. It entails lower market risk as it enables rupee cost averaging. SIP has the power of compunding and is capable of giving higher returns

Can I start SIP online?
Nowadays, it is possible to start SIP investment completely online. The process is 100% paperless. You also have the flexible SIP where you can stop your SIP anytime.

What are the different mutual funds in India which offer SIP investents?
Almost all Asset Management Companies offer investment in both SIP and one time investment. SBI, HDFC

What are the different modes of investment in Mutual Funds?
You can invest into mutual funds with Lumpsum Investment (One-Time Investment) This mode is preferable when you have a big amount of money to invest. Another option is SIP Investment (Small Amount Each Month) this is ideal for most people, especially salaried people.

Are Mutual Funds and SIP good for tax saving?
Mutual Funds and SIP are probably the ways to save tax. You can save tax under section 80C. Mutual Funds tax saving plans have a lock-in period of only 3 year which is much lower than 5 years in FD and 15 years in PPF. In addition to tax saving, SIP in these mutual funds help you create wealth in longer run.

What is equity and what is debt in mutual funds
Mutual Funds that invest into stock market are equity funds and the mutual funds that invest in govt. bonds securities are called debt funds

Which are the regulatory bodies in Mutual Fund industry?
Mutual Fund industry is regulated by Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) which comes under purview of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) 

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What are different registrars in India
The two major mutual fund registrars in India are CAMS and KARVY

What is NFO?
NFO stands for New Fund Offer. Whenever a new Mutual Fund is released in the market, it starts with a face value of Rs 10 per unit. This means you can purchase the fund at Rs 10/unit. NFO are good for investment as you get each unit at a very cheap price. But NFOs don't have a history to track. Hence, one should only go for NFOs recommeded by experts.

What is 'Mutual Fund Sahi Hai' initiative?
Mutual Fund Sahi Hai is an investor awareness initiative by AMFI. The aim of this program is to make even non-finance people aware about the benefits of Mutual Funds.

Are mutual funds safe?
Equity funds invest in stock market and therefore they have market risk. The generally provide high profit but are risky. On the other hand debt funds do not invest in stock market. Hence, they have lower risk. But they generally give lower return on investment.

If I want to do a SIP in HDFC mutual fund. Can I do it using my SBI Bank account?
Yes, you can do SIP into any fund from any bank account. For example, if you have a SBI bank account you can invest in Tata Mutual Fund or any other mutual fund.

Where can I check past performance of a fund?
There are many sites that show fund performance and fund details including Moneycontrol and Value Research. 

Mutual fund investment, SIP calculator, SIP investment app & ELSS

App Features:

•Start SIPs online in the best mutual funds in India.
•Algorithm driven funds selection.
•Invest in top performing mutual funds of 2022
•Track your Mutual Fund Lumpsum and SIP investments at one place with daily NAV (Net Asset Value) update.
•Add your external holdings in few simple steps.
• Invest in SIP portfolio based on your risk profile.
• Use portfolio scan facility to review your existing investments and get best customer service.
•Purchase New Fund Offers (NFO) from all the Mutual Fund houses.
•Invest in the Liquid Mutual Funds that may yield better returns than fixed deposits and ease of withdrawal.
•Add and Track your life insurance, car insurance & 2-wheeler insurance policies without any paperwork.
• Register for Common One Time Mandate (OTM) – to set up multiple SIPs and additional purchases across mutual funds.
Option to choose E-Mandate or Physical Mandate
• SIP calculator to calculate the future value of your systematic investments in Mutual Funds.
• Open your account with paper less activation
• Make payment using UPI, G Pay.
• Register an eMandate online.

Ready made portfolios to suit your investment goals.

Aggressive portfolio: This is a collection of equity mutual fund schemes suitable for long term financial goals, for retirement planning or goals which are on 10-15 years time horizon. This portfolio has all good quality, high performing large, mid and multicap funds.

Moderate portfolio: This is a collection of equity mutual fund schemes suitable for medium to long term financial goals, for example Child education, marriage and/or retirement planning. This portfolio has all good quality, high performing large, mid and multi-cap funds.

Savings portfolio: This is a collection of equity mutual fund schemes suitable for short to medium term typically 3 to 5 years.

Debt Funds: A range of debt funds which are better alternatives for Fixed deposits are segregated based on time horizon of investment.

Tax Saver Portfolio: Avail the unused tax exemption limit provided under u/s 80C. Total exemption available limit is Rs 1,50,000 Per Annum. Some of the recommended top performing ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme)/ Tax savers are:

Axis Long Term Equity Fund
DSP Tax Saver Fund
ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving)
Invesco India Tax Plan
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund 

અગત્યની લીંક 

પૈસાની સગવડ હોય તો લોનના EMI વધુ ભરવા કે SIP કે બીજામાં રોકાણ કરવું ??  વીડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો. 

Which Funds can one invest via Sipfund.com?

One can invest in all mutual funds and start SIP into all schemes across top AMC’s in India like
Axis Mutual Fund
Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
DSP Mutual Fund
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
HDFC Mutual Fund
ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
IDFC Mutual Fund
Kotak Mutual Fund
L & Mutual Fund
Mirae Asset Mutual Fund
Nippon India Mutual Fund
PPFAS Mutual Fund
SBI Mutual Fund
Sundaram Mutual Fund
Tata Mutual Fund
UTI Mutual Fund

જુનિયર ક્લાર્કની પરીક્ષાનું પરિણામ નીચેની લીંક પરથી જોઈ શકાશે. લિંક 1
formonline.co.in/ HSAKBRMPGVZHYQ લિંક


What are the top performing funds to start SIP using Sipfund.com app?

Our AI based funds sorting and selection process ensures you get the best performing funds all the time.

1. Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Fund
2. Axis Mid Cap Fund
3. SBI Focused Equity Fund
4. Parag Parikh Long Term Equity Fund
5. Kotak Small Cap Fund 

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