What to do if You are Corona Positive. What to eat and what to drink in this position. Important Information in one page.

Pravin Dabhani
What to do if You are Corona Positive. What to eat and what to drink in this position. Important Information in one page.


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pay attention to unhappiness, then you will always be unhappy and if you pay attention to happiness, you will always be happy because it is the eternal law of life that what you pay attention to becomes the same thing.

If two trees are planted together but one tree is looked after, care is taken of the same tree and from time to time manure water is also given to the same tree, then it is a matter of direct attention to the tree The same will be given to the well-flowered and fruitful. If you focus on happiness just like this, then you will get only the increase of happiness in life and if you focus on misery, you will get sorrow in life.

Science has also proved that the thing that we start neglecting in life gradually starts losing its existence. Whether it is love, compassion, joy of life or happiness.

HD वीडियो स्टेटस देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

While positive vision is the mother of happiness in life, negative vision also fills life with sorrow and sadness. Therefore, a positive attitude should always be kept in life so that a person's imaginary enemies like sorrow and grief can be eradicated.

* To join the WhatsApp group to submit to show all the places in the online transfer camp *

The compensated teacher will have to be called a slaughter teacher in the next camp. He will not be able to sue forever. However, if you want to come to Gandhinagar to introduce the teachers from the district who have not been shown in the online transfer camp, you can join the WhatsApp group.

* In some districts, 1 to 5 teachers working in Std. 6th to 8th are not compensated and their place is not shown or teachers from 6th to 8th working in Std. 1 to 5 are not compensated.

The same friends in the WhatsApp group who want to go to Gandhinagar to ask for a place in the online transfer camp on the condition that we will not be released till the next massacre camp, if for some administrative reason or the compensated teacher has not been shown the place again. Contact this number to join.

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