Word ma last ma Ri aave evo word sodhvani activity.

Pravin Dabhani

 Word ma last ma Ri aave evo word sodhvani activity.




Life is very beautiful.  Try to make it more beautiful in the new year.  May this year be a very happy and blissful time for you.  May all your unfulfilled dreams of 2020 be fulfilled in New Year 2021 by the grace of Shri Govardhan Nath Prabhu.

Give good messages to everyone, but .... tell the matter of knowledge to those who listen 

  Enjoy ....

   Because……… Recognizing the invaluable diamond is not in everyone's possession, which is called the “pen” of the heart and the “ink” of the trust ….  The cover says " ....."!

  This is the "subject" that satsang is called a saint .... If the spirit of the mind is true then the owner will fulfill all your wishes without asking for you, the owner only sees the noble spirit of your heart, the father's success gives knowledge to the son  Is and the success of the son brings glory to the father .... !!

  Water filtered with cloth keeps the health right  and the voice spoken to the conscience keeps the relationship right even if 'word' no one can 'touch' but … ,, 'word' *  Touch all

Time passes very quickly.  Some did good, some did bad.  In the race for life, someone ran very fast, and some remained far behind.  If someone found a lot, then someone was deprived.  Whatever may have happened, but all of that has been left behind because the cycle of time has gone far ahead.

    You do not move, you do not move forward, you do not move, do not become a person, but time never waits for anyone.  It will always be moving, it will always grow.

The eternal law of life is that whatever goes on with time today, time will go with it tomorrow.  Admittedly, we may have lost a lot in the last year, but the new year will bring new opportunities with new energy and enthusiasm.

In the year 2020, a small virus kneeling before big nations, big powers, gave the message that nature is very powerful.  His small virus also taught mankind a huge lesson and lesson.  Always respect and protect nature.

In this new year, our mutual relations also brought newness and sweetness.  In the New Year, due to our old thoughts, the sweetness of our relationship has faded, that fade away and the sweetness of new ideas should strengthen our relationship.

May our daily blessings of parents and their elders be included.  The parents' feet are the first shrine for us.  Without his worship, all the good works of life are fruitless and meaningless.


1 dikri 

2 Barri 

3 bhakhri 

4 maskari 

5 chakri

6 kumari 

7 chari

8 majuri 

9 safari 

10 madhuri 

11 yari

12 almari

13 dori

14 nari

15 mandodari

16 patri

17 lotry

18 pari

19 chhari

20 chri

21 panipuri

22 dhari

23 khari 

24 fari

25 sori

Word ma last ma Ri aave evo word sodhvani activity.


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