Nishtha training related News upadtes.

Pravin Dabhani

 Nishtha training related News upadtes.

NISHTHA Training Update

All modules in the DIKSHA application have been opened from today for teachers who have missed out on loyalty training or have missed out on a module.

The last date to join the module and complete the training is 19/11/2020.

Gujarat Government has conducted training of primary teachers online due to Korona epidemic. Nishtha has ordered to complete 18 models online today. For any reason, if the teacher friends have to do even a crocodile, the state government has given a chance to this module. Like and be able to complete.

The link to join all the modules started so far is given below so the teacher friends who have left to join the training can be seen from the following link.

Join Nishtha Module from Below Link

Join Module 1 : Click Here

Join Module 2 : Click Here

Join Module 3 : Click Here

Join Module 4 : Click Here

Join Module 5 : Click Here

Join Module 6 : Click Here

Join Module 7 : Click Here

Join Module 8 : Click Here

Join Module 9 : Click Here

Join Module 10 : Click Here

Join Module 11 : Click Here

Join Module 12 : Click Here

Time Table of Nishtha Training et will be mandatory to join 18 courses of devotion through the medium.

, Giving an understanding of how to login to Visa on Initiation Court

As well as a video explaining how to fill out a self-declaration form can be seen by scanning the QR code next to it. * Date on Self Declaration Form Loyalty Portal to engage in teacher training

4-10-2020 I want to set Hjuj rba ua aui duz als ua auou y siua code must be filled.

પ્Primary teachers remaining in NIZA training have to attend online training school through 18 courses, in which they have to personally participate in all the 18 courses.

Living. His schedule is as follows.


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