Standard 2 Pragna Swa Adhdhyan pothi Gujarati Chapter 10 Guidance

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 Standard 2 Pragna Swa Adhdhyan pothi Gujarati Chapter 9 Guidance

Educational work is done in all government primary schools of the state under Pragya approach in standard one and two. Literature prepared according to Pragya approach is given in schools every year in the month of June. Students have to do the writing work individually. Since this is an activity based program, the writing work is done after the students do the activities as suggested in the card and as shown in the teacher's version.

But due to the current situation of the covid 19, the students can not be called to the school so that the educational issues of the unit are broadcast by Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar for the education work of students of Std. 3 to 12 from June. Educational Broadcast is being done. Textbooks have been given to the students of Std 1 to 2.

There is no separate textbook for students of Std. 1 to 12 in Pragya approach but they have to get group meeting in the classroom process and write in textbook according to Pragya approach so that students cannot be called in schools at present. Through Girnar Channel, in the presence of the teacher and in the presence of the guardian, the students are asked to make proper arrangements for proper writing in the textbook.

Standard 2 Pragna Swa Adhdhyan pothi Chapter 9 Guidance

Standard 2 Gujarati Ekam 9 Writing Guidence.

Pictures are given in standard 2 Gujarati Swadhyayapothi Maa Unit 9 and words are to be made from the picture in the given room. To make it easier for the student to do the activity, a video is given here as a guide. As shown in this video, the student has to do the activity with pencil in the room. Pitch is empty space in the room and it is written. In the empty space we have to write the word Ka Pichkari so we have to do all the activities in this way. As a guide, here is a very funny video. This video has been prepared as a guide for those who can write in the textbook

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Watch Unit 9 Gujarati Video : From Here

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