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Saturday, November 2, 2019

History of Gujarat

History of Gujarat

Gujarat government conducts various examinations for various recruitments in the central government. Different subjects have been included in the various tests that children and students are preparing for.The students of Gujarat government and state government as well as in different corners of the country are preparing for the exams very seriously. These students have been preparing for various subjects and are trying to get government jobs.  So I discovered a book of history and for such a student of history, namely, such a student  S work to come here is to put the book to the students of the history of it.This book will be very useful for any students and anyone who is preparing for the exam of 12 students who are preparing for class one to three.  Preparation for a separate subject and students who are looking for a government job will have to take up the issue.Every student who is trying to get a job in Gujarat Government and Central Government has to prepare various competitive exams.  In which the history of mathematics Gujarat comes along with the history of Gujarat  Therefore, the cultural heritage of Gujarat is a cultural heritage of India. Various topics are also included in the recent events.  Students preparing for various competitive exams  Is equally important.A book titled History of Gujarat is in PDF format. The name of the book put in this PDF form will be very important for all students preparing to get jobs in Gujarat Government.  The choice is made and the farewell to that  Students who are well prepared for the subject of history, get such exams and get government job. If you too want to get government job then read this book once you need to get a lot of information from Solanki dynasty related to the history of Gujarat.  To date, all the information contained in this book is available to any student who prepares for the competitive exam  Te this book will prove to be boon.Now after the announcement of the job which the job advertisement is issued by the Government of Gujarat, competitive examinations are conducted for that and students are selected on merit on the basis of their profit in this competitive exam and then they receive job order.  Such students have to prepare very well for competitive exams  There are various types of topics which are an important topic of history. Here we are going to get information about the history of Gujarat.  You will find this information very useful in the exam as well.

Click on the link below to download a very nice book providing information about the history of Gujarat

Governments public schemes

Government's public schemes

Education Health Social Security Information on agriculture and employment planningTelephone and toll-free numbers are also listed for launching the government's public schemes, education health societies and information on various public programs for the citizens of agriculture, and to report problems related to these public program services.Education Health Social Security is invited to use only the textbook of the booklet about the public schemes of the Government regarding the cultivation of employment. It is necessary to take note of the publishers as well as inform them about the use of this information.  We thank the government departments after the district and the accused.
In our country, there are many attempts by the government to remove the poor. National programs and schemes are created by the central government and the state government, through which these schemes reach out to the disadvantaged communities, especially the tribal Dalit and the disabled and women can live proudly in the society.  Persons with Disabilities in All Poverty Alleviation Plans According to the Disabilities Act 1995There are many reasons why the schemes have not yet reached the handicapped people of poor disadvantaged communities. An important reason for all these reasons is that the complete details of the schemes prepared by the government have not been reached to the people as a result, the people are deprived of the benefits of these schemes.  Information leaflet education health information on social security employment and farming.This information leaflet contains information about the government's public plans for education health social security employment farming, such as how much of a benefit it is to receive, and where to find what evidence you should get to benefit from this information.  The information of the schemes will reach as many people as possible  Citizens to reach people with the plans and will try to obtain the elected PanchayatA project from year 1 to the public in the backward districts of India is being implemented by the public with the help of the European Union for five years till 2018. Among the project partners is the Country Project Partner of Gujarat, the Advanced Development Education Organization and the Prediction Village Support Program, or RSS.  The focus of both the projects on education and health issues  Not focused when the focus is on social security and security, and the focus of the ARSC is on lifestyle related projects.  Is information in Vijayanagar taluka by asking for sabarkantha through advanced development education  Undara Center has operated since 2014, the year in which the people in the form of information about government plans and service provider service providers aiming Sun.
Click on the link below to download the Government's Public Schemes Education Health Social Security Employment and Agriculture Information Book



Gir Foundation Gujarat

If you fill out this registration form from Gir Foundation Gujarat and upload it on email or website, then Rs 5000 will be deposited from Gir Foundation within your school account.  Fill out the form and we have to submit a lot of activities in the school under the Eco Club.  Ksakoni are made in new activities using school principal.Under the Eco Club, various activities are done in the school such as planting activity. What are the activities done within the school to make pits in the school? The Chancellor is an activity which, under the activity, the children are aware of the environment. The child loves the environment and the child.  The love of the people is called the children understand that the kettle of the environment  We know the importance of the importance of family life that we are very near.
The government and various departments also want that different activities take place at the school level and also have the most activities available under the children.  To be able to cultivate spirituality means that every child needs to know the environment  Learning to love is our moral duty ratye.Give your school account number, fill out all other details of your school's dice code and fill out the form that is given today. You will have to fill in the capital completely and mail it to the Gir Foundation. What can you do?  The Foundation can also upload it so you can do so whenever the Gir Foundation has your form.  Make a call and tell you and then if they feel appropriate you will give a grant of Rs 5,000 to your school bank account. This grant can be used for various activities like maintenance of various games within the schools, distribution of tree plants and many types.  You can also help.If you also want to get a five thousand rupees grant for the Eco Club from the Gir Foundation then upload this form and capital full of Acharya's signature and coins and mine and today or on his website.
Click the link below to download the PDF as FORM



The state government and the central government have provided online living facility to all pensioners who are taking pension. From now on, pensioners who do not need to go to provide an example of their existence, but they apply online and have their own existence.  Evidence can be given for this by the central government initiative and the state government should have done this before  This means that from now on, all state government and other central government employees or even state government employees can register their existing lives online and get pensions with ease.This facility for online living will be known as Life Ratio which means that all the employees of the State Government and Central Government who are currently taking pension will go to the nearest Life Certificate Center or go to the nearest bank or go to the nearest post office or to the Life ratio center.  First you have to register yourself.It is very important for all pensioners to have this Aadhaar card, which means that all pensioners who want to avail themselves of this pension scheme, who want to get online for their survival, if you do not have Aadhaar card,  To avail of this, we must first take your Aadhaar card and take the pension order from the nearest standard of living center.  
Information on how to authenticate digital survival and what is required for it
First, pensioners who want to avail this facility will have to visit the nearest Jan Suvidha Kendra. If there is no Jana Suvidha Kendra at the nearest bank, then the pensioner will have to go to the nearest post office or the nearest office and register first.  To get your account number in the bank, your mobile number will be your pension order and your pension order.  Keep going through the door to order
Important website-







How to apply for PENTION jeevan praman know detailClick on the link below to know the complete details on how to take advantage of this pensioner's  jeevan praman life plan.

Talati excludes E TAS apps

Talati excludes E TAS apps
Government employees have been mobilized against the BJP government of Gujarat since the day of Pancham, when more than two thousand Talati-cum-ministers from five districts of North Gujarat have been excluded from their private mobile phones in the present days of November Gujarat state, including voting to use electronic devices and various electronic devices.  No information has been directed to the departments of the Government and not to any such purpose  In view of the ray, there is a strong potential for the state government and their panchayat department to make the soon-to-be-less ministers of the state, the state government has given only lollipop on the question of the post of Talati-cum-minister, even before the Tatty-cum-minister of the state of Gujarat has not made the government and the black belt.  The program was also organized in auction programs  Were visited in the country andDuring the Prime Minister's visit to Gujarat, no solution has been set up with the Iraqi Government Talati-cum-Ministerial Association to resolve the issues related to the QTY.  Talati is taking charge of five gram panchayats amid scarcity of minister, yet the government  Efforts are underway to change the good work of his Talati-cum-minister, as per the date of October 24, 2019, Gujarat State has made it clear to download more than two thousand Talati-cum-ministers of Mehsana Sabarkantha Banaskantha and Patan districts in their private mobile.  The benefits of downloading have been deleted since the 5th day as well as any information from WhatsApp was ordered.  Following the written order of Talati cum minister general secretary Vinodji Patel of Thava Aravalli district, several talukas of Aravalli district have been deleted from the Talati cum ministerial group.Arvalli District Talati Comm Ministers have been presenting since January 2004 before accepting multiple demands, including a number of panchayat jobs, and have not been guaranteed justice even after they have quietly banned the use of other applications, including my application.
Click on the link below to read the full news excluded from the 2000 Frontal Itas App

Friday, November 1, 2019

Important Circular for 10 Days Holiday Cash Conversion for LTC

Important Circular for 10 Days Holiday Cash Conversion for LTC

The government is given LTC blok on behalf of the government every four years so that all employees of the government can travel with their family.  For Class-I employees of Class-I of LTC block provided on behalf of the Government ie Class-II employees can travel by air as Government employees can also fly at Government expense and Class-II employees travel in AC coaches of Railways.  And Class-I employees can travel to AC coaches, three-tier AC coaches, meaning that the government can provide all its family members at the expense of Shri.  The employee with mbarsaThese government employees are able to spend holidays with their families as well as move around the corners of the country.  Once in four years, at any time, at the expense of the government, any corner of the country can come and go in these corners.On behalf of the Government to travel with his familyThe rent allowance is paidIn addition to all this, the government was paid 10 days' leave cash pay. Soon a circular was issued in this regard. It was stated in the letter that the employee, who is an employee of class-2 or who is a class-II employee,  But the employee also takes advantage of the LTC block without giving them the benefit of any kind of expensive allowance.All of these have been ordered by the Government to pay the rent as per the Sixth Pay Commission without incurring any kind of inflation allowance. A circular is to be announced in 2018. This circular has been placed here for you to understand so that you have studied this circular and LTC block.  So you can also apply and if you have taken LTC block then understand how you got ten holiday cash conversion.  Unsupported can be foundClick on the link below to read the government's important circular for giving 4 holiday cash transfers to employees taking advantage of LTC.

About merging primary schools with less than 30 students

About merging primary schools with less than 30 students
It was decided by the Government of Gujarat that the total number of primary schools which were less than 30 would be merged and explained to the teachers in the nearby schools.  All schools were kept unchangedAfter lengthy representations of Taluka Primary Teachers 'Union and District Primary Teachers' Union, it was decided not to include such minor number of schools and merge them to nearby schools except those schools which had to be merged to less than 30 schools.  The rule was fixed by the Government not to merge but these rules are now repealed which school  Will be merged into a nearby school that is less than 30 the number of schools
Presently, a letter has been issued by the District Primary Education Officer of Tapi District and it has been suggested to all Talukas Primary Education Officers of all Talukas that if you take information of all the schools in your taluka which has less than 30 numbers and immediately the Tapi District Education Committee  Procedure for merging all such schools to attend  Having shown the possibilities which may be progressive in.In a letter from the District Primary Education Officer of Tapi District, it has been suggested to all Talukas Primary Education Officers of all talukas that if your taluka has a number of elementary schools less than 4, all such schools should be informed and present at the District Primary Education Committee.
An official letter has been released by the District Primary Education Officer of Tapi District for the purpose of merging all schools where less than 30 students are studying in the primary schools. Please click on the link below to read.

Gujarat National Primary Education Selection Committee, Gandhinagar Set up Information (as of 31/ 08/2018)

Gujarat National Primary Education Selection Committee, Gandhinagar  Set up   Information  (as of 31/ 08/2018
The head teacher was recruited by the Government of Gujarat in the primary schools of Gujarat.At the time when these head teachers were recruited, the Government of Gujarat did not make any rule when they were recruited as Head Teacher Class III, which has a maximum number of 6 to 8 in the school and the maximum number is 6 to 8.  Recruitment of Head Teachers within the school but since then the Government has recently enforced the rule that the standard 1 to 5 within the schools is 150  In many such schools, all the principal teachers of the school having six numbers and the lowest number in grades 1 through 5 are located in the state of Gujarat, which is less than 1 within the schools and no less than grades 1 through 5.From now on, as per the new policy of the Government of Shri, a new maxim will be considered as the head teacher of all the schools within the schools which are less than 150 in Std.  Which has been above the maximAs of 31 8 2019, how many principal teachers are working in the state of Gujarat and how many principal teachers have fluctuated.
Establishment of Head Teacher Class ૩ as of 31/8/2019The recruitment of the head teacher by the Government of Gujarat was done in primary schools in two ways; both direct recruitment and recruitment of many head teachers. Both of them were kept and recruited. Now with this recruitment, many head teachers have to grow according to the new rules.  When questions arise, how many head teachers do not have teachers in which district in the state of Gujarat, as of 1/3/5, by the government?  Mehakama to be drawn out once in a list, click on the link below to read a list of released

Thursday, October 31, 2019


  1. Government of India has made rules for complying with traffic rules. These rules are being implemented in different states in different states.Such traffic rules were relaxed for some time by the Government of Gujarat and some time was given to the people of the state of Gujarat to comply with these rules.  It has been ordered by the Government of Gujarat and the Commissioner of Police to abide by the rules.  People who live on the 2nd of November, seems not to those who do not obey these rules do not wear those helmetsOr, those who do not follow the rules of traffic, do not keep their vehicle or their own carts with them.  Those people will be charged a penalty which means they will be treated as such.  Then again we have applied these rules to the people of Gujarat which is only for the safety of the people of Gujarat. If we follow the rules of traffic from today, the people of Gujarat should follow these rules and for their own safety, these rules have been enacted by the Government of Gujarat.  If the people of Gujarat do not comply with these rules on the first and second dates, then you should be fined for violating the rules.  Information that should be prepared for the Government or the Police Commissioner would each have been given to all police officers in the state of Gujarat A letter has been issued on behalf of Ahmedabad Police Inspector Shri stating that on the 1st and 2nd December, the same drivers should be charged fines from drivers who did not comply with the traffic rules and details of the fine they were charged.
Read this letter please click below link


Srimad Bhagavad Gita is the ancient and main sacred text of Hinduism.  There are many scriptures of Hinduism, but the importance of the Gita is supernatural.  The Gita is considered a memoir.

 The original Bhagavad-Gita is composed in Sanskrit, with a total of 3 chapters and 3 verses.  Pura Gita, with the exception of a few verses, is in the abstinence verse.  The period of the Gita is around A.D.  Before 2 is considered.
Hinduism is a religion originating from the Indian sub-continent.  This religion is also known as Sanatan Dharma by its followers.

 Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the Archaic period and has its roots in Vedic culture.  There is no one who founded this set of different beliefs and traditions.  With over 300 million followers, Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam.  Most of its followers live in India and Nepal as well as in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Mauritius, South Africa, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname.
The names of the chapters of the Gita are not given in the Mahabharata but later, perhaps Shankaracharya gave the names to the chapters.  Some commentators have divided the Gita into three parts, namely Karmayoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga.  The popular names of the chapters and sections of the Gita are as follows.

 1. Arjunvishad Yoga (In Karma Yoga)

 2.Samkhya yoga (in karma yoga)

 3.Karma Yoga (In Karma Yoga)

 4.Gnanakyam Sanyasya Yoga (In Karma Yoga)

 5.Practicing Yoga (in practice)

 6.Self-restraint yoga (in practice)

 7.Knowledge Yoga (In Devotional)

 8.Aksharbrahma Yoga (In Devotional)

 9.Rajyagyarajyugya Yoga (In Devotional)

 10.Vibhuti Yoga (In Devotional)

 11.Visionary Yoga (In Devotional)

 12.Bhakti Yoga (In Devotional)

 13.Fieldworker yoga (in knowledge)

 14.Yoga (in knowledge)

 15.Purushottama yoga (in the knowledge)

 16.Devasurasampadisvidya Yoga (In Knowledge)

 17.Shraddhatriya Yoga (In Knowledge)

 18.Mokshannyas Yoga (In Knowledge)

New Gujarati calendar 2019

Gujarati calendar 2019

According to Hindu Shastra, the New Year starts after Diwali. New Year of Diwali, ie New Year of Hindu Shastra, according to Hindu Shastra, information about the dates of the Hindu constellation etc. is given.  Who are ignorant people who believe in astrology are always Hindu rule Kellen  Stick to the trades and when the Hindu calendar is so useful to us, when is the time, when is it the date, then there is puranam and there is never as much usefulness in the calendar of Hindu Shastras to know and see all this because this figure will give rise to Hindu culture.  Country is India Country is a country based on Hindu scriptures. Various festivals are celebrated within Hindu calendar according to Hindu calendar.  The Gujarati calendar is very useful to all Hindus as well as to the people of other religions, while information about the Tithi constellations and Hora and Choghadia is also known only by looking at the calendar of Hindu Shastras, through mathematical processes and mathematical calculations within Hindu calendar.  When is there a date which is written and which festival will I celebrate now?  But as we can see in the calendar of Hindu Shasta, the calendar of Hindu Shastra is very useful for those who believe in Hinduism and stick to the calendar of Hinduism, as well as those who choose the word of marriage which is good for those occasions inside their home.  Narasa celebrates occasions also using the Hindu Scriptures calendar to perform their own occasions and whatever they do.  For that matter, the calendar of Hindu Shastra can also be said that the Hindu calendar, the heritage of Indian culture, is the heritage of the Indian culture, the calendar of Hindu Shastra, in which information is given about the constellations on the third time as well as information about Chagadhiya and Hora.  Every Diwali new calendar of Hindu Shastra is released.  Those who are astrologers who create calendars through many processes work very hard. So we can also know the calendar of Hindu Shastras and also what information is given in the Hindu Shastra calendar.  For this reason, I put a calendar of Dushasana if you need a Hindu Shastra calendar.  Hindu scripture is given below to download Calendar

Wednesday, October 30, 2019




૧.  Preface
 There are countless words written about the importance of education.  Education is the only valuable dream, which is humane
 Can laugh  Education is one of the most important tools to succeed in the contemporary world.
 This is important because you are used to alleviate most of the challenges in life.
 The knowledge gained through education opens the door to more and more jobs in career development.
 Well-educated people get a secure job, through education we get a lot of competitive jobs.
 Can find out.
 In the last decade and a half, Gaju has fled the industrial sector.  Out of state and out of the state of Madurokaran
 Many new industries are being established.  According to him, the last 3 races in the state are practicable
 Demand for courses is increased.  Higher education sector after standard 1 and 2
 Increasingly more students enrolled in hundreds of courses do not contribute to the development of the state.
 It is also necessary for the state's development.  In the case of a mortgage the income of the guardian of the deceased is and
 Due to such limited income, the parents will allow their brilliant children in the higher education sector, especially
 Sending them into practical courses is often unavoidable.  In higher education courses
 No fees for study terms, purchase of equipment, while out of your home
 Going to faraway places when traveling is also costly.  Thus
 Such a glossary in the study allowed them to offset their parent's marginal income as well as
 It is very difficult to pursue higher studies without the financial assistance of postpartum expenditure.
 In order to study the terms, you have to borrow from the bank as a loan.
 The brightest and most desirable ones seeking admission to higher education courses in the state
 State Government wishes to receive financial assistance for the development of the cause of the deceased.
 Was found.  Bright and needy words to note the requests received by the State Government.
 Multi-level and out-of-date criteria to ensure equal opportunity for higher educationGovernment's deliberations on providing financial assistance to qualified students on an equal basis.
 Was under  Yes
 People with a lack of educational qualifications find a variety of jobs in the service, manufacturing and construction industries.
 All are working for a limited time.  Employers with high school benefits while high school educators
 Can get it.  Some vocational training courses are pretty expensive after standard 1, many
 Jobs require at least a diploma, but mostly for a better career
 Higher education is required which involves some kind of knowledge and in-depth knowledge in a particular field.
 Needs to be.  So that the financially weaker person cannot study further.
 The government last night funded the Moratocarium to help the economically weaker sections of the country.
 (Course Duration and One Line Increase) 5% interest on a Good Education Loan
 The plan is well known.
 Bright and wanting to study and get admission in courses in the higher education of the state
 Financial assistance and other facilities on the same basis for the designation of the work required from the minimum requirements.
 In this case, the implementation of 'Mukhyamantri Yojana Swavalamban Yojana' was implemented in Makuwa.
 Has been  In addition to the 'Mukhyamantri Yuvva Swalamban Yojana' by the Government last night, the terms which
 In the night and night of the state, students who have been deprived of the plan have been sent to the country and the country to study in the country.
 If you have taken a loan to study, then most of the loans they take.  1.5 lakh
 Moratorium loan on loan (duration of the course and increase in races (up to 5% interest)
 A scheme where subsidy is available has been implemented.
 Parents whose parent income is less than Rs 1.5 lakh or less and 5% in standard 1
 Words that have received more than one percentile have been given the Moratocarium Shrimpid (course
 Period and One-Year Increase (New to Budget 3-5 to Help Interest Subsidy)
 As a matter of Rs. 5 (Rs. Five hundred (also given administrative permission for provision of lakh)Disciplinary training on the scheme
 This scheme of the government on Thursday night was financially nourished by the bright and needy words.
 Moratocarium Shrimpid (Duration of course and increase of one character (on loan from Education)
 Interest subsidy.
 Government resolutions are in force,
 (Applicant should apply for Gaju Rat or the Central Government's Higher Secondary Education Bodon Standard 2).
 Must have got more than 5% percentile in the exam.
 1 (Applicant's parent / family real income should be less than Rs. 5 lakhs).
 ૩ (Applicant obtains study loan loan from ShashiyaLood Bank in Keshwashi, India
 Should be
 6.1 Purpose of the scheme
 ઘણા Due to the low income of the guardian of many of the states, the choice of the guardian
 The hesitation in getting admission to the program is unbelievable and worth the effort
 Giving is left unchecked.  So that such words require financial support.
  So that the state government is deprived of higher education for being financially indifferent to any term.
 Should be sure to help with the most essential terms possible
 Scholarships / schemes are implemented.  One of which is the plan “Mainstreaming of self-esteem
 The scheme "which is currently underway and this state is going on with the state government education loan
 Planning students get a loan from the Moratocarium Shrimpid (of course)
6.1 Purpose of the scheme
 ઘણા Due to the low income of the guardian of many of the states, the choice of the guardian
 The hesitation in getting admission to the program is unbelievable and worth the effort
 Giving is left unchecked.  So that such words require financial support.
  So that the state government is deprived of higher education for being financially indifferent to any term.
 Should be sure to help with the most essential terms possible
 Scholarships / schemes are implemented.  One of which is the plan “Mainstreaming of self-esteem
 The scheme "which is currently underway and this state is going on with the state government education loan
 Planning students get a loan from the Moratocarium Shrimpid (of course)
 Interest subsidy on auto loan Plan
  Click the link below to download the entire brochure on interest subsidy on auto loan

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


 Many people are planning to go for vacation. Many of them also visit Gujarat. Many of them also visit Gujarat. If there are places to see in Gujarat, there are places like Kutch to visit.  People are also very, very visitable Many people visit Gujarat special to see Saurashtra and Kutch and almost  The largest coastline is obtained. Most of these beaches are located in Saurashtra and Kutch. There are many pilgrims within Kutch and in addition Kutch district is well received. Two ports are also located in Kutch.  Where have you developed your business? If you also want to visit Kutch, then here in Kutch  Qualified destinations have been sent to you. If you want people to visit Kutch this Diwali vacation this time, then you must be good with using this site.In addition to the places to visit in Gujarat, the pumpkin Jain temple inside Sabarkantha district, besides Mehsana, there are many places to visit. Unzha Umiya Mata's temple is also a must visit.  If you feel happy to visit it then you can surveyIf you wish to visit Kutch in Gujarat, here is a list of places to visit in Kutch as well as which places to visit or these religious places to visit.  Is involved I hope you find this list very helpful if you want to see this list and you want to visit Kutch  If so download this list now
Click the link below to download a list of sights of Kutch

Monday, October 28, 2019


Gpf vyaj dar
The government of Gujarat change the interest of gpf the Gujarat Government employees save his salary per month for future the government chang this gpf vyaj dar and graduation candidates are apply for this post but XII standard pass student is also and apply for this post but now all the candidates who are the 12th standard and graduation give this exam after this notification by Gujarat government and deputy CM Bhai Patel Call kahane de download please call letter all candidates are download please call letter on 16 October 2019 if you give this exam please download your call data can you prepare for this examination this is the very important examination for all the candidates this blog is very important for all this student and candidates who want to prepare ration about GPSC and gaun seva pasandgi mandal at 8 and start pvery important block for all the candidates my blog is preparation for your exam help to tu hi pareshan for the all examination preparation for the examination this is a very important and very important news for all candidates who want to pass this examination eular preparation for , neuropsychology, exploratory cerebrum science, and teaching technique.away from nor got away may result in a condition called learned helplessness.There is proof for human social modifying prenatally, in which habituation has been seen as on timetable as 32 weeks into agonizing, showing that the focal unmistakable system is palatably made and organized
GPF interest changed the Gujarat government changed employees GPF interest read a official letter please click below link

Sunday, October 27, 2019



Navoday Vidyalay entrance exam for standard 8 is notification by the navoday Vidyalay

in accordance with the national policy of education 1986 Government of India start Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya all over the country except the state of Tamil Nadu this are coordination residential schools by the government of India and run by an organisationNavodaya vidyalaya samiti under the ministry of human resource development road admission to Navodaya vidyalaya 8th class 56 level in order to optimally structure facilities available vacancies at class 9 liver are filled throughout hot and all India new admission test while education in the school is free including word and logging closing uniform and text book the sum of rs 600 per month is collected from the students of classes 9 se 12 only towards their Vikas Nidhi student belong to SC ST categories girls students and the students whose family income is below poverty line exempted.50000 rupees for student per month is collected for all student parents are government employee.

The last date to apply-10/12/209

Objective of the scheme

  1. to provide good quality modern education including a strong come of culture occupation of early awareness of the environment adventure activities and physical education to the talented student for rural areas electricity of their families social economic condition
  2. Sure that students attend a reasonable level of competitive competency in three languages and in Hindi in the language formula
  3. tu sarv in which district as focal point for improvement of polling quality of school education in general thought sharing of experience facilities
  4. to promote National integration through out migration of students from Hindi to non Hindi speaking states and vice-versa
Distribution of Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya

At present there are 636 functional Jawahar navoday Vidyalay read over 28 states and 7 uts

Admission to class 9 against vacant seats

in order to optimally utilised infrastructure and other facilities available in this Vidyalay it has been decided by the committee to put the vacancies seats in class ninth throughout an all India level admission test

online application may be submitted from 24 the October 2019 the candidate may refer to Navodaya vidyalaya headquarters website

Important websites

Last date to apply for class 9


Date of the selection state

section tips for admission of 9th class nine will be counted on Saturday the 8th February 2020 in Jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya of concert district any other centre allotted by Navodaya vidyalaya samiti

Read full advertisement and other instruction please click below link

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